I’m Probably Over Reacting

But, right now I don’t feel like it. My head is stopped up and I just generally feel like shit so I figure I wouldn’t be this mad any other day.

Due to the nature of Jeff’s job he has been off work since just before Thanksgiving because of the holidays and the weather. I work full time and he has been doing odd jobs, so there is money coming in, things are just tight.

We have a friend that has a job that depends on the weather as well. Until a couple weeks ago, he had been off work for two months. He doesn’t know a lot of people around here so he’s in a different spot then we are. He can’t just go help out here and there to make extra money. So, we have been doing what we can for him. Some friends of ours have pitched in as well and bought him groceries and cigarettes. When he needs to go to the store he calls us, and we pick him up and take him. We also bring him food when we know he is getting low.

Bradley has went to work with him. Bradley isn’t always easy to be around. He can get on your nerves quick so a lot of people give him hell. This morning things were a bit out of our norm. Dj usually takes Bradley to work, then takes Dylan to school and things are right with the world. Today we had my two year old niece who has a cold. It’s cold outside so she can’t be taken along for the ride. No one bothered to let us know if Bradley had to work so we had to take him just in case.

We made a plan of action. While Dylan got ready for school Dj brought Bradley to the friend’s house then came back to get Dylan off to school. Normally Dj is home before I have to be at work so I agreed to stay at home with the baby until she got Dylan dropped off.

They got to the friend’s house early enough to make the plan work and since they don’t start work until 9:00 Dj asked the friend to call the boss and see if they had to work. He said “No I’m not calling him, we can just wait.” Dj explained to him what was going on at the house and that if they weren’t working it was a waste of gas and money to have to drive all the way back up there to get Bradley. He still refused to call and find out.

This man knows how tight things are at our house. He knows how early I have to be at work. He kept Dj there arguing with him about calling the boss until Dylan was late for school and I was almost late for work. Jeff finally came back to the house from the job he was doing to watch the baby so I wouldn’t get in trouble at work.

This just flies all over me. If I didn’t know Dj explained to him that it was affecting the whole house I might not be so mad. But, damn we feed him and do everything we can for him and we ask for a little bit of help and he can’t get passed his need to make Bradley miserable to do that.

I hope for his sake he doesn’t cross paths with me until I feel better.

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Cell Phone Secrets

*This is a long post. If you can’t stomach to read the whole way through please at least scroll to the side note because I need some help.*

I got pissed off Saturday at my cell phone company. So pissed that I came very close to cancelling my contract. I’ve been with this company for many, many years and they pushed me to my breaking point Saturday. (It’s not the company that I work for.)

I renewed my daughter’s contract and got her a cool new phone for Christmas. Three days after she got her phone it started messing up. Not too bad, but when we were at the store talking to them about my phone she asked about it. One of the company reps was at the store and he just told the store to swap it out. Didn’t ask me, he just did it.

I had to go back to the store Saturday to pick up my phone. We were just going to exchange Dj’s phone because this one is worse then the first one. That’s two piece of shit phones in three weeks. The bitch behind the counter said absolutely not because we have already exchanged the phone once. I told her I didn’t ask for the first exchange and I won’t be saddled with a phone that my daughter in an emergency will have to take the battery out of her phone and restart it, then hope she gets the call made before it freezes again.

Her response? Well, we can send it off and see if there is a fix for it. There are no “known problems” with this phone so there won’t be a fix for it. If I let her send the phone off, then when it gets back and still doesn’t work, I am out of my 30 day return time and I am stuck with it. That ain’t gonna happen!

I called in to the company and the lady told me that I am well within my 30 days and I can return the phone and reverse my upgrade and we can ride out the contract with our old phone. I went back and stood in line at the store. The lady gets on the phone again and then turns to me and says “You only have 15 days to reverse your upgrade. The only thing we can do is send that one off.” I fucking blew a gasket because I know better! I just turned and ask her “So, the only way to get out from under this piece of shit phone is to cancel my contract?” She just looked at me. I turned to the other’s in line and told them, “if you want quality service come to {my company} we will do you right every time!”

I called the company back again. First I apologized for my tone of voice because my frustration level was high, then I told them my story. The lady that I talked to was wonderful. She told me that she fully agrees with me and that if I wanted they would call the store and make them switch my phone. I told her the last thing the lady at that store needed was for me to show back up still mad and asked if we could do it by mail. Dj’s new phone will be here tomorrow. Don’t ever tell me I can’t do something.

So, I decided I would let you in on a few secrets you may or may not know about some phone companies.

  1. Most companies understand how powerful word of mouth is. They will do just about anything to keep your business if you talk to them right.
  2. Most companies have independent retailers and company owned stores. If you call in and you get told to go to a store and you will get something free, go to a company store. Independent retailers are held under separate rules and most things are not free. Now, if an independent store sells you something like a sim card for your phone, you can call the parent company, tell them how much you paid for it and they will usually credit your bill with that amount. Under some circumstances this will also work with chargers.
  3. If you can not get to a company store then go to your independent store and nicely tell them your problem. There are some things that they can get away with that company stores can’t and a lot of times they are willing to work with you. I work for an independent store, if you come in here screaming at me and demanding something, I will always refer you to our closest company store; 87 miles away. If you speak to me like I am human, I will do everything I can to fix your problem. Sometimes that even includes giving you something for free.
  4. I’m not sure how many companies do this but I do know that more then just the one I work for does. Ask your provider if you get a discount because of where you work. Our company will give you anywhere from 5% to 20% discount on your service just because of the job you hold or retired from. That include a lot of fast food places and big corporations, city, state and federal employees too.
  5. You have 30 days to undo anything you have done. If you don’t like your new phone, you can exchange it. If you signed a new contract to get that new phone, you can reverse it.
  6. If you have a retired plan and it’s a good deal and you don’t want to lose it, don’t let them tell you that you have to change it. You don’t. You can keep it until the end of time.
  7. If you aren’t happy with how one operator handled your problem, thank them for their help and hang up. Call back and get a new operator. Tell the new one you just called and wasn’t sure if your problem was resolved after you thought about it. Everything gets put in your account notes, even your attitude. If you are overly hostile the next operator will treat you as such. Every one knows it is frustrating dealing with this stuff, so a simple acknowledgement that you know it isn’t that person’s fault goes a long way.

I think I should probably wrap this up now before it turns into a novel. I also think I have hit a lot of the high points for the most part. If you have any questions I will do my best to answer them.

*Side Note*

I am putting together a scrap book of sorts for Dj. It’s called Baby 101 Advice for a new mom. I am asking that every one throw in some piece of advice so I can fill this book up. It doesn’t matter if you have kids or not because every one has been around a kid and makes observations. Hell, we’ve all had parents in one form or another so we can give advice about how we wish our parents were. It can be funny or serious or a mix of both.

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Oops! My Bad

I was going to post today about what happened Monday but I forgot today is end of the year inventory day.

I haven’t started yet so I better get to it!

I hope every one has a great night tonight and have a very Happy New Year!!

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Catching Back Up

It’s been a pretty great week!

Christmas was about the best one I have had in years. Since my ex and I got divorced I usually spend Christmas by myself. Then Jeff came along and him and I spent it together. I believe you should be with family on the holidays so I send my kids to their dad’s so they can go to the big family dinner.

This year things were a little different the whole way around. The kid’s grandmother is in the hospital so there was no family dinner but the family spent the day there with her. Jeff and I got up to spend a lazy day watching movies.

About 30 minutes after I woke up we heard a honk in our driveway. We headed outside and it was a friend of ours coming by to bring a present. He had cooked a huge roast with all the trimmings for us. I sat and gorged myself on roast then laid down and fell asleep. We got a call about 4 by the same friend inviting us over to the barn to have a few drinks.

Doesn’t sound so perfect but it actually was. These people were really close friends. We considered them family. Hell we got married in their barn! Back at the beginning of the year there was a bit of a falling out. I don’t mean to imply that there was ever any ill words or ill intentions because there never was. Jeff and I just found it best due to some circumstances out of our control to just stay away.

There were some people that came into our lives (all four of us) that were hell bent on messing things up for everyone. We were all taken in by their lies and betrayals. It seemed at the time these people were seriously trying to destroy our credibility with each other. I guess to some degree we all fell for it instead of talking to each other and trusting our friendship.

Anyway, as of Christmas all things have been talked out and refocused and things are back on the right track. It really bothered me because I hated that it happened the way it did but it really ate on Jeff. He has known these people for years and their lose was deeply felt by him. It really made his day complete to go back to the “good ol days” of just sitting around talking and having a beer or two.

Then on to weekend. Sunday was my birthday so Dj and Bradley took me to the movies Saturday night. We saw The Tale Of Despereaux. It was ok but not the greatest kid movie I have ever saw. It was fun to just get out with the two of them and jack ass around.

I woke up Sunday morning to a big breakfast my husband cooked for me. He also baked me a cake. Dj went and got my two nieces and my nephew and they spent the day at the house playing and having fun. The rest of the day was spent just hanging out at the house doing pretty much nothing.

I took the day off Monday to go help a friend with a few things and taking Dj for her check up. I’ll tell that story tomorrow because I promised Billie I would wait until she got to blog it.

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I Am The People I Can’t Stand

I can’t stand stupid people. As it turns out I am a stupid people.

I get paid twice monthly on the 8th and the 22nd. I’m not supposed to cash my check until after 3:00 pm.

I have been sitting here waiting all day for three to get here. I wanted to sneak some money to Dj when she came by so she could go pick up Jeff’s Christmas present. (I could have gotten the money from him but I don’t feel right buying his present with the money out of his check when I have my own.) I’ve been antsy as hell wanting to get it and pissed because the day has been dragging on.

Jeff just went to go get us something to eat. Before he left he said “Do you want me to cash your check while I’m out?” I told him “I’ll get in trouble if I do it before three.”

Yeah he informed me that today is the 23rd. I could have cashed it yesterday!

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This will be another one of those that are just scattered every where.

My niece came to spend the weekend with us. She will be 2 in April. She is such a fun kid but she kind of gets put in the shadows of her older siblings. So, we like to bring her over to our house just so she can shine a little on her own. She is very well behaved for a 1 year old and sleeps so good. She takes a bottle at night and at nap time but during her waking hours she uses a cup.

We know some people that have two little boys ages 5 and 3 that are still in diapers. Dj was talking to them one night and said she needed to get home to get Alyssa a bottle and get her to bed. The bastard had the balls to say “She still takes a bottle? Now that’s just bad parenting!” Dj just walked off. I wish, oh how I wish I would have been there to hear it!

She brought the box of baby wipes to Dj and threw a fit to have one. Dj gave her one and she started laughing. Alyssa went to the middle of the floor and started rubbing the wipe across her butt like she was wiping it. Then she would bend over and do this really cute deep down belly laugh. Then she would repeat the process. This wipe kept her and us entertained for almost an hour.

We had our Christmas with the kids last night. I’m a bit odd when it comes to Christmas. I don’t get into the decorating and all that but, I love the buying gifts and giving them to the kids. If I have a present in the house I can’t stand it, I want them to have it. So, we finished up shopping last night and then sat down and opened presents. It was fun. The kids all got everything they asked for this year.

I know there was something else I wanted to say but it has taken me all day to write this much. I’ve been busy around here thankfully. Who knows maybe I will remember and finsh this off tomorrow.

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Apparently She’s Scared Too

Every night since my kids were born, when they go to bed I say “Goodnight. I love you.” I always say it in that order. I want the I love you to be the last words they hear out of my mouth before they go to sleep or go anywhere for that matter.

Last night Dj was about to go to bed and I stopped her. I asked her what I was going to do when she was all moved out and on her own and no longer came to my bed for me to love on her when she felt bad. She stopped and looked at me and said “Well, I guess your just going to have to come spend the night with me!”

She headed down the hallway to her room, then stopped and came back to say “Mom, when I move out we need to call each other every night before bed.” I asked her why and she said “So we can say good night I love you!”

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Mom Moments

Dj wasn’t feeling good last night. She came and crawled into bed with me because she just needed a hug and for me to make it all go away. After she got up and went back to her own bed I couldn’t go back to sleep.

It kind of hit me that my kids don’t really need me much anymore. They are almost grown and times of them needing me to kiss the boo boo to make it go away are getting few and far between. I miss the days when they were little and just wanted to cuddle. They still come and plop down in the chair with me from time to time but it’s just really not the same as what it used to be. Most of the time it’s because they have an ulterior motive.

I guess I’m just having a hard time reconciling the fact that my babies are almost adults who soon won’t need me for all the little things anymore.

I just don’t like it at all!

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I Need Some Serious Help!

Some of Dj’s friends said they were going to throw her a baby shower. Well, apparently they got sidetracked or decided not to do it. So, I’m going to do it.

I have the date and time picked and the place rented. Most of the invitations are ready to mail.

Now what?

I have only ever been to one shower before and it was many, many moons ago. I have no clue what goes on at these things.

HELP!?!?!? Please

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Conversation With My Daughter

I was sitting at work and I get a text from Dj.

“The VFW is a vet right?”

I sent back

“Yeah… it stands for Veterans of Foreign War.”

A few minutes later I get:

“Female dogs get spayed right?”

It took it a second for it to soak in but I did catch her before she called the VFW to get the appointment to have her dog fixed!

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