Sneaking Back In…

to say that I am fucking pissed!

My son goes to a small school. There are 22 students in all of 6th, 7th and 8th grade. He has three teachers and has classes with different grades. It’s a pretty close knit school.

His basketball coach has kind of taken him under his wing and for the most part I agree with everything coach says and does with him. When Dylan started at this school I was asked to sign a paper stating whether or not Dylan could have swats if needed. Well, I have known the principal for years and I have known Coach almost as long. I trust their judgement so I said yes he could if needed but I wanted to be notified BEFORE it happens.

Last week I found out Dylan has had swats THREE times that I didn’t know about. Since he came home and told me about it and asked me not to say anything I didn’t. But, this morning that man tried to way overstep his boundaries and I am livid!

We are about to be in the throws of an ice storm. It is supposed to hit us around lunch. It’s already cold and rainy and a little slick but not too bad. I made the decision that Bradley and Dj would both cancel their doctors appointments and Dylan would not be going to school. I would rather them stay home and it not storm then have them be out and it does happen.

Dylan called in to tell Coach he wouldn’t be there today. His words to Dylan were “Get ready, I’m sending someone to get you. If your mom doesn’t want to bring you then we’ll get you here another way.”

Dylan called me to tell me about it and I about lost my shit! How dare he try and make those decisions for MY child. I had Dylan call him back and tell him that I said no and if he has a problem with it then he can call and take it up with me. Dylan called and Coach apparently still romped on him a bit.

I see a parent/teacher conference in my near future!

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  1. You should have a parent/teacher conference.

    That coach is way out of line.

    Welcome back, by the way.

  2. The swatting thing bothers me. My parents always said absolutely not, that if corporal punishment were necessary they would take care of that in PRIVATE at HOME.

    Personally, I think it’s humiliating and degrading, forget the physical discomfort, I think it’s emotionally scarring and uncalled for. The fact that they don’t seem to give a shit that you want to be notified ahead of time more than shows that you gave permission to the WRONG people to lay a hand on your kid. I’d be retracting that permission IMMEDIATELY since they have disregarded your instructions.

    Sorry to sound so vehement about it, but I have strong feelings on this one.

    As for the coach – I would have called him back myself and told him that I make those decisions NOT HIM and he needs to first and foremost respect MY WORD as a parent.

    Of course, you are also receiving this comment from a mom who chased a long distance running coach down and in front of her team told her to get her ass over “here” because I was going to hand it to her on a platter.

    She ran. I dealt with the Athletic Director instead, she got in ass loads of trouble. Not the ass kicking she deserved though.

  3. OK, this is probably not what you want to hear, but here goes. Remember that I am a teacher. It doesn’t sound like the teachers at your son’s school have to deal with 178 students a day like I have to do, but I’m still going to try to look at it from their perspective. (First of all the spanking thing needs to stop. That is not their job.) Maybe the coach thought that he was helping you out by being concerned about your son’s education enough to arrange a way for him to get to school. Maybe he needed your son’s skills to help other kids at practice. Have you had a chance to call the coach to ask why he wanted your son to be at school that day, besides the usual education thing? Maybe I’m way off base here, but what if he really justs cares about your child that much? I’m probably way off base, but in the 36 years that I’ve taught school, I’ve found that if a parent lets a child know that they are ‘mad’ at the teacher, it erodes the respect that the teacher needs in able to do his job. Awww…never mind. You have enough problems without having to look at my side. Just love him!

  4. Perhaps the Coach needs a swat or two?
    Hey girl, I am alive and well, just insanely busy, or just insane… not sure which, haha!
    Back to blogging after this week though, I promise!
    I intend to go back and catch up with all your goings-on for the past couple months since I have been gone… until then, hope all is well with you!

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