How I’ve Spent My Week

This has been a very sucktastic week!

We had Dj’s baby shower on Saturday and it went pretty good. She made a good haul in the diaper and wipe department. She has two friends that live in Louisiana. They snuck in for the day to surprise her for her shower. After the shower she went with them to the camp where they all met to visit the people that run the camp. There they ate some Cajun food. I think that was the culprit of the events that started to unfold the next day.

Sunday morning started out nice and calm. It was Dj, Bradley, Dj’s friend Sarah and I sitting there watching tv. Dj sent me a text asking me if hurting around her lower stomach and nether regions was normal. I started asking questions and her pains were coming and going and varied in intensity. I called a nurse helpline and they determined that yes she probably was having contractions and she needed to go to the hospital.

We got to the hospital and they hooked her up to the monitors and they initially said they thought she might have a bladder infection. So, they pissed her and sent it off to the lab. Her doctor just happened to be in the hospital at the time so he came by to check on her. They checked her and she is dilating. She is still just at one but with the contractions too that isn’t good. He also found that the baby’s head is in place and ready to pop out.

They gave her a steroid shot to boost the baby’s lung growth just in case they can’t get her labor stopped. She had her regular appointment the next morning and then had to go the hospital that afternoon to get a second steroid shot.

We got home Sunday night and started timing her contractions. They were coming anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes apart. They never got overly intense and never got consistent. We went to the doc the next morning and they put her on total bed rest, which is killing her!

The baby is going nuts moving and flipping and flopping. I told Dj we need to stick a calendar up her hoo ha to show this kid it’s not time yet!

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  1. Awww, it sounds like baby is in a hurry to party with his family!

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, bed rest sucks.

  2. It’s kinda exciting she’s in labor.

    If she does have the baby early, I hope it all goes smoothly and the baby is healthy.

    Hang in there Grandma :op

  3. Do you find yourself more nervous now than when YOU were in labor? I was a total nut job the last month before TOF was born LOL. This is so exciting.

  4. My son did the same thing to me. I was on bed rest for a month and a half. And let me tell you, I was ready to kill by the time I had him.

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