Shootin From The Hip

  • I remembered to take my camera this morning to get the picture of the sign at the bar. I aimed, focused, hit the button. Batteries dead, no picture.
  • Dj got a phone call from the school yesterday. They are saying unless she takes another class she won’t graduate. The counselor hasn’t called me back yet but from what Dj said they are saying because she took a creative writing course years ago she is now required to take another elective course as a follow up. If she doesn’t take it she won’t graduate. It’s basically no big deal since she is home bound but I don’t quite get it and think this is something that should have been caught a long time ago.
  • See that sweet face up there? That’s my niece. She is the sweetest baby you ever wanted to be around, until Dylan shows up. He doesn’t even have to say a word to her, she just sees him and is instantly “on”. The minute he sits down she goes into attack mode. She gets behind him and grabs him around the neck and starts pulling. She might grab his hair and jerk him around and then there are times she gets both hands in his mouth from behind and drags him backwards. The whole time she has this evil little laugh. It’s so cute!
  • We took Precious to be spayed this morning. Because she was a rescue dog we qualified to have it done at a discount. There is a travelling clinic around here that does it. It’s called the Neuter Commuter.
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  1. Cute niece!

  2. Neuter Commuter! OMG, that is HILARIOUS!

    Re: DJ, that freaking sucks and you are right, it should have been caught a very long time ago. That would seriously piss me off!

    And, your niece is absolutely adorable!

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