I’m Probably Over Reacting

But, right now I don’t feel like it. My head is stopped up and I just generally feel like shit so I figure I wouldn’t be this mad any other day.

Due to the nature of Jeff’s job he has been off work since just before Thanksgiving because of the holidays and the weather. I work full time and he has been doing odd jobs, so there is money coming in, things are just tight.

We have a friend that has a job that depends on the weather as well. Until a couple weeks ago, he had been off work for two months. He doesn’t know a lot of people around here so he’s in a different spot then we are. He can’t just go help out here and there to make extra money. So, we have been doing what we can for him. Some friends of ours have pitched in as well and bought him groceries and cigarettes. When he needs to go to the store he calls us, and we pick him up and take him. We also bring him food when we know he is getting low.

Bradley has went to work with him. Bradley isn’t always easy to be around. He can get on your nerves quick so a lot of people give him hell. This morning things were a bit out of our norm. Dj usually takes Bradley to work, then takes Dylan to school and things are right with the world. Today we had my two year old niece who has a cold. It’s cold outside so she can’t be taken along for the ride. No one bothered to let us know if Bradley had to work so we had to take him just in case.

We made a plan of action. While Dylan got ready for school Dj brought Bradley to the friend’s house then came back to get Dylan off to school. Normally Dj is home before I have to be at work so I agreed to stay at home with the baby until she got Dylan dropped off.

They got to the friend’s house early enough to make the plan work and since they don’t start work until 9:00 Dj asked the friend to call the boss and see if they had to work. He said “No I’m not calling him, we can just wait.” Dj explained to him what was going on at the house and that if they weren’t working it was a waste of gas and money to have to drive all the way back up there to get Bradley. He still refused to call and find out.

This man knows how tight things are at our house. He knows how early I have to be at work. He kept Dj there arguing with him about calling the boss until Dylan was late for school and I was almost late for work. Jeff finally came back to the house from the job he was doing to watch the baby so I wouldn’t get in trouble at work.

This just flies all over me. If I didn’t know Dj explained to him that it was affecting the whole house I might not be so mad. But, damn we feed him and do everything we can for him and we ask for a little bit of help and he can’t get passed his need to make Bradley miserable to do that.

I hope for his sake he doesn’t cross paths with me until I feel better.

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  1. That really sucks.
    I’m sorry that happened to all of you.

    Some people just cannot see past themselves.

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