Catching Back Up

It’s been a pretty great week!

Christmas was about the best one I have had in years. Since my ex and I got divorced I usually spend Christmas by myself. Then Jeff came along and him and I spent it together. I believe you should be with family on the holidays so I send my kids to their dad’s so they can go to the big family dinner.

This year things were a little different the whole way around. The kid’s grandmother is in the hospital so there was no family dinner but the family spent the day there with her. Jeff and I got up to spend a lazy day watching movies.

About 30 minutes after I woke up we heard a honk in our driveway. We headed outside and it was a friend of ours coming by to bring a present. He had cooked a huge roast with all the trimmings for us. I sat and gorged myself on roast then laid down and fell asleep. We got a call about 4 by the same friend inviting us over to the barn to have a few drinks.

Doesn’t sound so perfect but it actually was. These people were really close friends. We considered them family. Hell we got married in their barn! Back at the beginning of the year there was a bit of a falling out. I don’t mean to imply that there was ever any ill words or ill intentions because there never was. Jeff and I just found it best due to some circumstances out of our control to just stay away.

There were some people that came into our lives (all four of us) that were hell bent on messing things up for everyone. We were all taken in by their lies and betrayals. It seemed at the time these people were seriously trying to destroy our credibility with each other. I guess to some degree we all fell for it instead of talking to each other and trusting our friendship.

Anyway, as of Christmas all things have been talked out and refocused and things are back on the right track. It really bothered me because I hated that it happened the way it did but it really ate on Jeff. He has known these people for years and their lose was deeply felt by him. It really made his day complete to go back to the “good ol days” of just sitting around talking and having a beer or two.

Then on to weekend. Sunday was my birthday so Dj and Bradley took me to the movies Saturday night. We saw The Tale Of Despereaux. It was ok but not the greatest kid movie I have ever saw. It was fun to just get out with the two of them and jack ass around.

I woke up Sunday morning to a big breakfast my husband cooked for me. He also baked me a cake. Dj went and got my two nieces and my nephew and they spent the day at the house playing and having fun. The rest of the day was spent just hanging out at the house doing pretty much nothing.

I took the day off Monday to go help a friend with a few things and taking Dj for her check up. I’ll tell that story tomorrow because I promised Billie I would wait until she got to blog it.

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  1. That sounds awesome!

  2. Good for you! Sounds like a great way to spend a Christmas, drinks, friends, laughs, that’s the way all Christmases should be.

    And, if you can consider your friends family and vice versa than you are doubly blessed!

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