I Am The People I Can’t Stand

I can’t stand stupid people. As it turns out I am a stupid people.

I get paid twice monthly on the 8th and the 22nd. I’m not supposed to cash my check until after 3:00 pm.

I have been sitting here waiting all day for three to get here. I wanted to sneak some money to Dj when she came by so she could go pick up Jeff’s Christmas present. (I could have gotten the money from him but I don’t feel right buying his present with the money out of his check when I have my own.) I’ve been antsy as hell wanting to get it and pissed because the day has been dragging on.

Jeff just went to go get us something to eat. Before he left he said “Do you want me to cash your check while I’m out?” I told him “I’ll get in trouble if I do it before three.”

Yeah he informed me that today is the 23rd. I could have cashed it yesterday!

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  1. I can totally relate!

  2. Duuuude. I totally hear you.

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