This will be another one of those that are just scattered every where.

My niece came to spend the weekend with us. She will be 2 in April. She is such a fun kid but she kind of gets put in the shadows of her older siblings. So, we like to bring her over to our house just so she can shine a little on her own. She is very well behaved for a 1 year old and sleeps so good. She takes a bottle at night and at nap time but during her waking hours she uses a cup.

We know some people that have two little boys ages 5 and 3 that are still in diapers. Dj was talking to them one night and said she needed to get home to get Alyssa a bottle and get her to bed. The bastard had the balls to say “She still takes a bottle? Now that’s just bad parenting!” Dj just walked off. I wish, oh how I wish I would have been there to hear it!

She brought the box of baby wipes to Dj and threw a fit to have one. Dj gave her one and she started laughing. Alyssa went to the middle of the floor and started rubbing the wipe across her butt like she was wiping it. Then she would bend over and do this really cute deep down belly laugh. Then she would repeat the process. This wipe kept her and us entertained for almost an hour.

We had our Christmas with the kids last night. I’m a bit odd when it comes to Christmas. I don’t get into the decorating and all that but, I love the buying gifts and giving them to the kids. If I have a present in the house I can’t stand it, I want them to have it. So, we finished up shopping last night and then sat down and opened presents. It was fun. The kids all got everything they asked for this year.

I know there was something else I wanted to say but it has taken me all day to write this much. I’ve been busy around here thankfully. Who knows maybe I will remember and finsh this off tomorrow.

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  1. I hate decorating for Christmas.
    So, I just don’t do it. ha ha ha!

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