Apparently She’s Scared Too

Every night since my kids were born, when they go to bed I say “Goodnight. I love you.” I always say it in that order. I want the I love you to be the last words they hear out of my mouth before they go to sleep or go anywhere for that matter.

Last night Dj was about to go to bed and I stopped her. I asked her what I was going to do when she was all moved out and on her own and no longer came to my bed for me to love on her when she felt bad. She stopped and looked at me and said “Well, I guess your just going to have to come spend the night with me!”

She headed down the hallway to her room, then stopped and came back to say “Mom, when I move out we need to call each other every night before bed.” I asked her why and she said “So we can say good night I love you!”

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  1. See, they will still need you!

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