I’m liable to draw some heat from this one but what the hell.

The other day Bradley shot a blue jay in our backyard. My neighbor happened to see him do it and got his knickers all in a twist about him having a gun. Now, I’m not happy about him killing the bird but lets not make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Yesterday Dj went down to the neighbors. (They have a new baby and she can’t stay away.) The neighbor brought it up to her and told her how unhappy he was about him having a gun around. First, the gun stays locked up in my house when it’s not being used. Second, Bradley knows gun safety and didn’t shoot towards any of the houses or people around. There were no people around.

He also told Dj that he wasn’t allowed to bring the gun to his house because he doesn’t want his boys knowing about guns. That’s not a big deal. The gun stays at my house. Hell, it’s Dylan’s gun, not Bradley’s.

Now, where my issue with this comes in, he lives in an area that is all about the guns and hunting. (The schools close down for deer season.) The boys are going to be exposed to guns at some point. I have always felt like it’s ok to have the guns but you need to educate your kids about them. Don’t hide them. As soon as my kids were old enough to comprehend the impact of dealing with guns they had one in their hands learning to shoot it properly and safety.

My next issue, his kids are kind of too small to handle a gun or to understand guns but, they watch everything on tv. Violent shoot em up movies and all. They are already being exposed to them. So keeping your trap shut about the dangers of them just glorifies what they see on tv.
I feel like letting them watch it on tv and then keeping the reality of what guns can do away from them is just asking for trouble.

I can respect people’s decisions to keep guns out of their homes. I can respect the fact that people don’t want their children exposed to guns. It just really bothers the hell out of me when you shut down the idea of your child actually seeing a gun and what it can really do but have no problem with them watching the bad guy kill people on tv.

Because we all know that if that man on tv can get shot and come back to do another movie then my little friend Johnny will too when I find dad’s gun and shoot him with it.

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  1. You are so right!

    We grew up out in the country and my grandfather taught us how to shoot a rifle when we were about 10 or 11.

    And we learned to respect what a rifle (gun) can do. We went hunting with him and saw that when he shot something, it didn’t come back to life (like on TV).

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