Learn From This Lady

I know every one has bad days. But, it kind of pays to not take it out on people who didn’t cause that bad day.

I just had a little redneck lady come into the store. She flew in here at me telling me that I was going to give her a damn sim card because Juan somebody or other said I would.

I politely told her “No ma’am. I’m not a corporate store so I have to charge for them.” She came at me with “Well, can we call Juan and he can tell you to give it to me?” I just told her without his personal phone number there was no way we would ever get to talk to Juan again. And besides that Juan does not own this store and can not make me do anything.

I told her to go to a corporate store and then she could have it for free. She asked me where the closest one is. I told her in Sherman, Tx. She looked at me like I was stupid when I told her I only know the store is off the highway in Sherman. She said which highway? I told her “Ma’am I don’t even know how to get to Sherman!”

Then she promptly informed me that she was changing to a competitor but has $5 left on her phone and she’ll be damned if she is going to donate it! She slammed out of the store and seriously said “Merry Fucking Christmas!”

First, the competitor doesn’t have even a small bar of service in this area. So go ahead, donate to them.

Second, the corporate store that she is going to so she don’t have to pay me for that card is 85 miles away.

Third, if she had just came in and talked to me nicely, I would have given her that damn card she wanted. I’ve done it many times!

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  1. People like that must just be really miserable. That’s what I try to remember so I don’t take it personally when they lash out like that.

    I’m sorry she was so nasty to you.

  2. Oh! It ended up getting much better. She called into the parent company. They called and yelled at me so I referred them to my manager. I also called my manager to tell her about it. She politely told them all that I was in the right and they needed to leave me the hell alone.

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