Lacking Confidence

I have always made decisions with a no nonsense approach. I make them, then follow through and forget about it.

I realized last night I am starting to second guess myself where my daughter is concerned. I know that now the decisions I make with or for her not only affect her but her child as well.

Like last night, she came to me crying because she was hurting really bad. She started throwing up and was in a lot of pain. I got in bed with her and rubbed her back and asked her a million questions about her pain. I decided to ride it out a bit before making a dash to the ER. It turned out to be nothing so I made the right decision.

But, what if waiting wasn’t the right choice. The hospital is 40+ miles away. The one that is only a couple miles away does not do babies. Waiting to see what happens could mean life or death for her or her baby. This is where all my doubts about things come in. It has been so long since I have been pregnant I don’t remember much about the normal aches and pains. What if my judgement is off?

Now we have a new problem and I’m not sure where to go with it. The doctor told us on the last visit that she is RH Negative. This requires a shot that she is supposed to have next Monday. He gave her a prescription for the shot and she just tried to fill it. The pharmacy said it is a discontinued medication so they don’t have it. They called a couple other places and they said the same thing.

I called the doctor and they said it’s not discontinued and there is a pharmacy down the road that will fill it. Where do I go from here? If all these places say it’s a discontinued drug do I allow my child to take the shot if this store has it? There has to be a reason it was discontinued. Do I trust the judgement of a doctor that doesn’t know a drug he prescribed is discontinued?

All these questions and self doubt are about to drive me crazy. I’m just not used to it all.

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  1. If it’s possible, I would get a second opinion.

  2. This is obviously the downside to being a mother. I know exactly how you feel in a sense because before Ethan had his surgery I had to fight with the insurance and the first surgery was delayed a few weeks after the doctor was in a massive hurry to do it. The twist between dealing with insurance and going against a doctor’s advice was almost too much to bear.

    I’m RH negative as well, but my injections were given to me at the doctor’s office and then at the hospital the morning after birth. I’ve never heard of this prescription thing for it.

  3. Kate – The scary thing is, he’s the best doctor around here. I wouldn’t trust any of the other ones.

    AmyD – I’m not sure what is up with that. She will actually get the shot in his office. We just have to get it and bring it in next week. I can’t decide if it’s good news or bad news but the pharmacy close to the doctor is going to fill the prescription.

  4. I like your idea of having a drink. ha ha ha ha ha!

    I went back to the doctor.
    He said it’s “positional vertigo” something like that – that’s why it keeps coming back.

    I either have fluid or calcium deposit in my ear canal – and it’s throwing my balance off and making me dizzy.

    He gave me exercises to do to get the fluid or calcium to break loose and leave the canal.

    Keeping my fingers crossed!

    He’s the first one who’s made real sense, so I trust him.

  5. Thanks. I agree Karen needs to do this for herself.
    And like I said, I would not tell her no about her sister visiting.
    I did talk to her and tell her my concerns.. and it sounds like she’s going into this with her eyes wide open – so that’s good.
    I just didn’t want her having an illusion of happily ever after.
    Because she’s done that before and gotten hurt pretty badly.

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