I have been working on this afghan for about a month now. (The colors look a lot better in person.) I love this afghan.

The stitch is tiny on it so it is taking forever to make but it’s one that you can pretty much zone out on. I’ve made several of them in the past.

I’m making this for a very sweet lady that I have never met but have talked to her millions of times on the phone. It’s for Christmas.

I’ve been bitching for at least a week now that I’m busting my ass on it but it just seems to be going nowhere.

I made a decision Friday that I was going to make some headway on it this weekend. I stayed up late Friday night and made some progress. I didn’t touch it Saturday because I had too much other stuff to do. But, I got to work first thing on it Sunday morning. I watched movies all day and worked on it. It finally looked like I was finally getting some where with it.

Then it happened. I realized that somewhere I was one stitch off. See, I am a perfectionist when it comes to crochet. I can’t just fix it by adding here or dropping there. Something in me makes me HAVE to go back and fix it.

This is how much I had to pull out. The mess up occurred Friday night.

I’m so upset with myself for screwing up that I’m having a damn hard time picking it back up again to fix it.

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  1. That’s why I don’t crochet.
    I tried.
    I’m too much of a perfectionist.

  2. Of course you know that you are the only one who would notice that one stitch. I am the kind of idiot that would leave it there and then point it out to anybody who was admiring my work. That truly is beautiful. I don’t see how you can zone out when the stitch seems to change so often!

  3. Hey girl! How are you doing?

    Did you start working on the crocheting again?

  4. Hi! I came over from Kate’s blog, I love your profile description! LOL!
    I admire anyone that crochet because I can’t even thread a needle.

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