So Bizarre

A couple of bizarre things go on around here on a regular basis. I’ve wanted to talk about each of them a few times but they don’t qualify for a full post. Then I got the bright idea to mention them in one post.

Aren’t you lucky?

I started working here two years ago. Every day there is a man that walks down the road in front of the store several times a day. I have only ever seen him walking east, never west. He has worn the same clothes for two years. Same T-shirt and jeans. Well I don’t know if the jeans are the same but they appear the same.

During the winter he will shake it up and add a flannel coat and a red hat. I just find him odd.

Odd man #2 is even more odd then #1. My store is right beside a doughnut shop. Both buildings are owned by the same man so they look similar. Not the same but similar. My store is a branded store. Our logo is everywhere out front and on the building. I get several customers coming in looking for doughnuts. I am told they get several customers looking for me.

That’s not the bizarre part. There is a man that comes to my door every morning at 9:30 am. He walks up, pulls the door just to the point it dings, then he closes it and walks next door to the doughnut shop. Every morning!

I want to find a bizarre habit. I want to be those men. Well, without all that walking.

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