Today has been a busy day at the store.

Due to the nature of our business it sometimes takes 20 to 30 minutes to deal with a customer. Since it is only me in the store, sometimes customers can get backed up.

We don’t have a public restroom here. Days like today I will make exceptions and allow people to use my toilet because I don’t want them to use my floor.

It won’t happen again.

I let a lady use the bathroom a couple hours ago and I just now got the chance to go use it myself.

There was shit all over the toilet! Not in it, ON IT!!

Nasty ass people!

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  1. In our ladies room at work, someone has been leaving shit on the floor and smearing it on the walls.
    I kid-you-not!!

    Our management has left posters about the health issues.

    It hasn’t stopped the person.
    And really unless management knows who’s doing it, they can’t really stop it.

    So I totally understand how you feel. I walk to the ladies room on the floor below us and to the ladies room in the wing next to ours – to avoid running into the shitty messes this person has been known to leave.

  2. You’re right about that!
    I hate when it’s cold and there is no snow. It just seems wrong!! ha ha ha!

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