I Hate Stupid People

Today I was gonna tell a tale of woe about hemorrhoids but I have decided to talk about other asshole issues instead.

Just before and ever since the election I have been hit with a barrage of racial jokes and forwards. Now, I used to get a smattering of them from time to time. My usual response was to just delete and ignore them. I don’t care for them but what the hell send them and make yourself look bad, I don’t care.

I work with the public so I get all kinds of people in here. Because I am in sales I can’t yell and scream at them what I want to say so I just smile and nod and say yes I voted for Obama and they usually shut up, make their purchase and leave. But, the one thing I am sick to death of hearing is “It’s already started, Obama has changed….”.

People need to get over themselves. I just want to scream “He is the president elect, NOT the president yet!” He hasn’t changed anything and even when he becomes actual president it literally takes an act of congress for him to do just about anything!

Before you come to me and start telling me your gloom and doom bullshit, do a little reading please and realize he doesn’t take office until January 20, 2009.

I just wish people would fucking grow up!

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  1. Amen! I totally agree.
    We had one lady in our office and all she talks about now is that she can’t wait til 4 years are up so we can get a “real” president.

    Makes me want to smack her.

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