The Election

Please forgive me for any rambling I might do. I have a lot of jumbled thoughts on this election so I know I will go off track a few times.

This post was going to be a semi – funny one recounting all the trouble I seem to have every time I go to vote. I had it all written in my head last night. Then everyone went to bed and I stayed up to see who our new leader was going to be.

I flipped over to CNN just to see how things were going and my eyes spotted the words Obama elected President. In that moment I felt pure relief. I’d like to be all smart and say I voted for him because of his stance on things. Because he embodied the changes that need to be made around here but, I can’t. I didn’t really vote for him as much as I was voting against McCain.

Several years ago I was a single mother living from house to house and in my car. I remember thinking if we can just make it thru 2008 things will be ok. Last night, I felt relief for that single mother from a few years ago.

So many people say that Obama will mess things up because of his lack of experience. I say that lack of experience could be a good thing. My daughter often comes to work with me. She doesn’t have the experience that I have but she brings something new to the table every time she is asked to step up to the plate.

I’m getting off track here.

I sat and listened to McCain and Obama’s speeches last night. I felt it was very telling of McCain’s supporters when they booed every time Obama’s name was mentioned. I realize they weren’t happy with how things went but to actually boo was taking it a little too far. Whether his speech was genuine or he was putting on a good act, I was actually proud of McCain for the things he said.

As I listened to Obama speak about all the changes this country has made in the last century I thought of all the changes I have seen in my lifetime. I grew up in a place that was very racially charged at the tail end of the civil rights movement. In that time I never could have guessed that I would be around to see history like this being made. Hell, I can remember there being stores in my area that had signs that said “Whites Only”. I’m only 36.

I feel a lot of hope for a future today. I hope nothing happens too soon to make that hope fade.

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  1. I couldn’t have said it better.

    I’m 46 – I don’t remember those signs. But I wasn’t real good at reading (not being funny here)
    so I am sure I avoided anything with words on it.

    Except “Apothecary” – to this day I’m perplexed at how that would be pronounced.

  2. I could talk about the things I remember about growing up around there forever. I’d mention them here but it would turn into a whole new post. But, for all the things that I saw that I don’t agree with, I still miss living there. Now, THAT perplexes me! 🙂

    And I can’t help you any on Apothecary. Hell, I had to look at your word to even know how to spell it!

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