Today has been a busy day at the store.

Due to the nature of our business it sometimes takes 20 to 30 minutes to deal with a customer. Since it is only me in the store, sometimes customers can get backed up.

We don’t have a public restroom here. Days like today I will make exceptions and allow people to use my toilet because I don’t want them to use my floor.

It won’t happen again.

I let a lady use the bathroom a couple hours ago and I just now got the chance to go use it myself.

There was shit all over the toilet! Not in it, ON IT!!

Nasty ass people!

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today I am thankful that I can lay my fat ass up in my chair and just crochet. No big dinners or anything. Just me my hook, my yarn and my remote. Well, and my husband.

Hope you have a great day!

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Not Another Chuck Entry

I promise this will be the last entry about Chuck for at least a couple days. But, I wanted to tell about the appointment yesterday, I just didn’t have time to write about it.

The baby’s dad, Bradley, has only been to a couple appointments; the first one and the one yesterday. He doesn’t own a vehicle and he can’t usually find a ride. We live about 45 minutes from the doctor’s office so the extra 15 or so minutes out of the way to go get him doesn’t appeal to me so I won’t go get him. I made an exception yesterday because it was a big appointment and I felt he needed to be there.

The morning started out nice then Dj and Bradley got into an argument. I was very proud of myself for keeping my nose out of it and I was also very proud of Dj for finally standing up for herself. She laid down the law. She told him if he doesn’t straighten up soon he will be out of her life. She told him “I have to think about my baby now.” I wanted to cry I was so proud.

Anyway, we got into the ultrasound room and the doc came in and jellied her up and got to work. Chuck was looking right at us. She opened her mouth a couple times and moved her little hand around. It came time to move from her head to her nether regions. I made the comment that I call the baby Chuck. The nurse and the doc both laughed about it.

The doctor stopped along the way to take a measurement and the nurse jumped up and ran toward the monitor saying “You better get used to saying Chuckette!” The doc was busy with his measurements and didn’t quite catch the view.

As he moved the sensor thingy around towards the bottom Chuck moved her butt up under Dj’s ribs. After 45 minutes of trying we never got another clear view.

The doc moved on to doing something with the cord, which was laying over top of Chuck’s hand. As he would stop to take the readings he needed, Chuck would move her hand and push the cord away. He would stop what he was doing and go back and recapture the cord and Chuck moved it again. I swear I saw that baby giggling!

When he got Chuck’s focus on the cord he went back to her butt. She pulled her legs up under her and ran her butt back up under Dj’s ribs. I’m really going to have fun with this baby when she is born!

The doc finally gave up on getting a clear shot and said that it was a safe bet that it was a girl but he wouldn’t say definitively since he only caught a glimpse.

I really didn’t mind either way if it was a boy or girl but the kids wanted a girl very badly and I couldn’t help but be very excited for them.

The only concern was they found Dj is RH Negative. It’s not a big concern but she will have to get a shot on her next visit and that freaks her out. Otherwise, the baby is healthy and strong and growing as she should be.

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Drum Roll Please…..

It took us forever to get Chuck to spread them this morning.

Chuck is a baby that already knows how to be a little shit.

The doctor said he didn’t understand why I would call the baby Chuck since….


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Tomorrow Is The Day!

This is it.

It all comes down to tomorrow.

We find out if Chuck is a boy or a girl!

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I Get This All The Time

The store I work for used to be a retailer for Dish Network. Since we have sold the new owners haven’t found a reliable tech so that we can continue to do Dish. In the meantime we just tell customers we no longer do Dish. Here is a typical phone call I get at least 3 times a day.

Me: This is Jennifer. May I help you?

Caller: Yeah my tv isn’t working.

Me: I’m sorry we no longer do Dish.

Caller: Well then who do I call?

Me: I’m thinking Dish Network.

Next time I swear I am gonna say the cable company!

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I Hate Stupid People

Today I was gonna tell a tale of woe about hemorrhoids but I have decided to talk about other asshole issues instead.

Just before and ever since the election I have been hit with a barrage of racial jokes and forwards. Now, I used to get a smattering of them from time to time. My usual response was to just delete and ignore them. I don’t care for them but what the hell send them and make yourself look bad, I don’t care.

I work with the public so I get all kinds of people in here. Because I am in sales I can’t yell and scream at them what I want to say so I just smile and nod and say yes I voted for Obama and they usually shut up, make their purchase and leave. But, the one thing I am sick to death of hearing is “It’s already started, Obama has changed….”.

People need to get over themselves. I just want to scream “He is the president elect, NOT the president yet!” He hasn’t changed anything and even when he becomes actual president it literally takes an act of congress for him to do just about anything!

Before you come to me and start telling me your gloom and doom bullshit, do a little reading please and realize he doesn’t take office until January 20, 2009.

I just wish people would fucking grow up!

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My #1

I was checking my blog stats. Wanna know what the number one draw to my blog is?

This post.

Apparently there are quite a few people out there really into horse porn. They also think I am an authority on it. 🙂

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I Could Get Fired For This

Our parent company has started doing customer surveys. They ask the customers to rate certain things on a 1 to 5 scale.

Until today all of my surveys have come back with total 5’s.

Today’s survey rated me personally with a 5 but the parent company things received 4s. That’s still not bad but somehow it would appear to be my fault.

The solution I was given to fix this problem in the future…

Ask the customer to please rate all 5’s.

Fuck that!

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The Election

Please forgive me for any rambling I might do. I have a lot of jumbled thoughts on this election so I know I will go off track a few times.

This post was going to be a semi – funny one recounting all the trouble I seem to have every time I go to vote. I had it all written in my head last night. Then everyone went to bed and I stayed up to see who our new leader was going to be.

I flipped over to CNN just to see how things were going and my eyes spotted the words Obama elected President. In that moment I felt pure relief. I’d like to be all smart and say I voted for him because of his stance on things. Because he embodied the changes that need to be made around here but, I can’t. I didn’t really vote for him as much as I was voting against McCain.

Several years ago I was a single mother living from house to house and in my car. I remember thinking if we can just make it thru 2008 things will be ok. Last night, I felt relief for that single mother from a few years ago.

So many people say that Obama will mess things up because of his lack of experience. I say that lack of experience could be a good thing. My daughter often comes to work with me. She doesn’t have the experience that I have but she brings something new to the table every time she is asked to step up to the plate.

I’m getting off track here.

I sat and listened to McCain and Obama’s speeches last night. I felt it was very telling of McCain’s supporters when they booed every time Obama’s name was mentioned. I realize they weren’t happy with how things went but to actually boo was taking it a little too far. Whether his speech was genuine or he was putting on a good act, I was actually proud of McCain for the things he said.

As I listened to Obama speak about all the changes this country has made in the last century I thought of all the changes I have seen in my lifetime. I grew up in a place that was very racially charged at the tail end of the civil rights movement. In that time I never could have guessed that I would be around to see history like this being made. Hell, I can remember there being stores in my area that had signs that said “Whites Only”. I’m only 36.

I feel a lot of hope for a future today. I hope nothing happens too soon to make that hope fade.

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