Fighting The School

Dj has always been susceptible to every illness that goes around school. She gets colds really easy and has really bad allergies. Because of this and since she has so many doctor’s appointments now, her doctor agreed that she should not go to school any more. So, he requested for her to go on home bound to finish out her senior year. I think this is a good thing. As it is she could possibly fail her senior year because of too many missed days. Every one thinks it’s a good idea except her principal.

This is his first year as principal. Word is, he is just the superintendent’s monkey boy. I don’t know that as fact but a lot of people have told me that. They say that he is on a probation of sorts. I don’t know that as fact but either way he is an ass.

Dj took her paperwork to the school last Tuesday. He got pretty hateful with her and told her they haven’t figured out the home bound program yet. Funny, there is a girl that has been home bound since the beginning of the year. Is she just failing classes? He told her to come back on Monday and he would have things figured out. Well, that is today. She went this morning and as he walked past her he said “Come back Wednesday. I don’t have your work yet!”

One of her teachers came into the store Thursday. I was talking to her about it and she said the frustration comes from teachers no longer being reimbursed for tutoring home bound students. I understand their gripe. Problem is, Dj goes by that school twice a day, every day to chauffeur her brother back and forth. She told them she could pick her work up and drop it off. She doesn’t need an in home tutor.

I just called and talked to the principal. All he kept saying was “Yeah, yeah we’re working on it as we speak.” I told him I would hate for her to fail since she is actually wanting to get the work done. Not many kids around here want to do the work. His answer “Yeah, yeah she does want to do it.” No shit!

Come Wednesday morning if she don’t have her work, I’m going to have to take further action. I’m not quite sure what that action will have to be but you can bet your ass I will find out.

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  1. Good luck with that.
    What a friggin mess.

  2. Wait! That got me thinkin!
    I have allergies and I get sick a lot (i.e. colds).

    Wondering if I could do homebound for my job….


  3. If it works for you please let me know. I can damn sure fake a cold if it gets me home bound!

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