At The Hospital AGAIN!

My family is literally falling to pieces. I fully expect to be walking through the living room some day and find an ear or something laying on the floor.

I had a real busy day at work yesterday. I screwed up some one’s phone and he lives 4 hours from here. At closing time I was still trying to find a store in his area that would fix it for him. The stores in that area are stingy bastards because none of them would comp fixing the problem for me and the man had no money. So, I had to find a store that would take my card over the phone. That’s not an easy trick either.

While I’m on the phone Dj called me. I didn’t take the call so she called right back. Normally when she does that I will excuse myself and answer her. This time I didn’t. She called a third time and sent two text messages. I didn’t hear my phone going off for those. As soon as I got the customer lined out, I called her back.

Turns out that without asking anyone for advice Dylan decided chute dogging was a good idea. Now, it wasn’t that he had no supervision out there. There was an adult. One that I don’t know.

I’m still not quite sure what happened and Dylan isn’t either but somehow he ended up under the steer with a nice swift kick to his head right above his right ear. (He needed the swift kick but I would have chosen his ass to place it.) His right arm had scratches down it and his chest had a small bruise on it.

At first we decided he was fine and no doctor needed. I went and helped a friend with her computer, came home and fixed supper and we ate. We got Dylan to go get in a hot tub of water because we knew he would be hurting all over soon.

He was soaking for about 10 minutes when he came flying down to the living room crying and shaking because his head was hurting so bad. I told him to get dressed and off we went. They worked him over pretty good, done a ct scan and all the fun stuff. Turns out he didn’t damage anything and all is ok. This morning he was up and ready to go before I was and was about to set out on a trail ride with his friends.

I left him with some parting advice “Today, before you attempt to do anything, stop and ask yourself, would mom do this?”

He looked me dead in the eye and said “Crap! I guess the only thing I’m doing today is sitting on the couch crocheting!”

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  1. Well Dylan still has a sense of humor. Did you leave enough yarn?

  2. I fully expect a nice warm blanket to curl up with by the time I get home! šŸ™‚

  3. I’m glad he’s ok.

    That crocheting comment was hilarious!

  4. Yeah, he’s a real comedian. I’m thinking of crocheting his lips shut!

  5. ha ha ha ha ha!
    Good one!
    I can see where he gets his humor!

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