About Kids And Money

Kids are expensive. Senior year is expensive. A kid in her senior year getting braces, glasses and having a baby is even more expensive.

My ex doesn’t pay child support. There is a child support order in place that states when one kid is with him and the other is with me I pay him around $150 and he pays me something like $350. We don’t bother over that as long as we each help the other with expenses. Then there is an order that if at anytime either of us have both children in our home the other parent pays $400 a month.

Both kids have lived with me twice now. The first time I got the child support for a couple months then it stopped. This time I haven’t gotten it at all. I really don’t care if he ever pays me a dime in child support as long as he takes care of his end when it’s needed. We make enough money to take care of the needs, it’s the wants that we have trouble with from time to time.

Herein squats the toad: His wife (from here on out I will call her HW cause what I want to call her isn’t real nice) is still pissed about Dj being pregnant and not getting an abortion. Money is her only means of taking it out on her.

I have been fighting with myself all week over last weekend. Here is how it all went down.

Dj had her senior pictures done. We agreed to half the cost of them. He was going to pay his half last weekend when she went for her visit. We don’t get a whole lot of pictures for the cost so I was going to add an extra $12 to my half so he could get an 8×10 because she was planning on stealing his. I’m just nice like that some times.

She got to her dad’s last weekend and realized she had forgot her phone charger at home. I told her I have FIVE chargers that will fit her phone around the house so I would dig one up for her to keep over there. Her dad took her out and bought her a new one. He took it out of his half of the picture money. So that is an extra $23 I have to pay.

Dj drives over to his house. I pay the gas for her to get there and he pays it for her to get home. He didn’t have it to give her so that came out of her picture money. Another extra $20 I have to make up for with the pictures.

Here is the kicker. He asked Dj if she wanted to go skating with Dylan. At first she said no but later decided that she did want to go. It costs $3 to get in. When she told her dad that yes she wanted to go HW chimes up with “She just don’t get it about the money does she?” And she didn’t say it in a nice way either. The ex stood up for Dj in this instance.

Dj called me upset about it and I hit the roof. My immediate reaction was to call and go off but she asked me to keep my trap shut this time. I don’t understand her way of thinking. They live kid free and don’t have to pay child support and she wants to get stupid over $3? Does she not realize that I can get stupid about money? Does she not realize that if I want to be a bitch too I can dip further into her wallet then $3?

I told Dj I won’t say anything unless she runs her head again the next time they go over. If it does happen again I will talk to him. I hate to threaten anyone with anything but she needs to realize when it comes to money, right now I hold all the cards.

For now I have to be content with my only revenge being they aren’t getting that damn 8×10!

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  1. Why are exes all made of the same cloth? HW sounds like a charm.

    Today is my official delurking day and I’m encouraging others to do the same.

  2. Heck I have no ex, no kids..
    but I need glasses and braces..
    and it IS expensive!
    I feel for you.

    p.s. I even got supplemental insurance to help alleviate high expense of getting glasses.
    Yeah, right.. I was a sucker for falling for that!

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