• We finally got Dylan his birthday present. She is a beautiful blue heeler. We got her last Friday just after he went for his weekend with his dad. I was worried that she would be bonded with Jeff before Dylan got home but that hasn’t been a problem. If you see Dylan, you see Molly. They are always together.
  • We finally got an answer back on Jeff’s tests. His irritation was caused by a bacteria found in our water. Gotta love it! I promptly went and bought a filter because Dj doesn’t need to be getting sick too.
  • I have found the past few days that I have a low bullshit tolerance. Normally I can laugh and go about my business but lately I’m having a hard time with it. I had a customer come in this morning and wanted to argue with me. It was hard to resist the urge to rip his fucking lips off his face.
  • I have been thinking about doing another blog for my crochet. There’s no sense in boring my 3 readers to tears with my narcissistic need for praise.
  • I have an old friend from school that I have become reacquainted with. We lost touch when I moved here about 20 years ago. We talk from time to time and I always get home sick. I love it in Oklahoma but I sure do miss Alabama a lot.
  • We go for another baby appointment on Monday. We are hoping we get to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. Dj has finally pinned down a name for Chuck if it’s a girl. Her name will be Patience Marie. I have no idea where Patience came from but Marie was my mom’s middle name. Dj refuses to let us call the baby Patty Cake so I have told her I will continue to call the baby Chuck no matter what she names it. She is tossing around Levi Blaine for a boy but that one is still up in the air.
  • On an upside, the baby daddy has a job. He has had the job for 2 weeks now. I’m not holding my breath but I certainly hope this is a turning point for him. I want to like him so bad but everytime I get close he does something stupid.
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  1. Please don’t stop showing pictures of your crocheting! I love any hand work, and I’m always proud of my own.

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