The Last Couple Days – The Short Version

For the past few weeks Jeff has been having some bad stomach pains along with nausea. It got better for a few days. Then, I came home Monday night and it was flaring up again. He refuses to go see a doctor. Then around 9:00 that night he turned and looked at me and said how quick can you get dressed. I knew it must be hurting pretty bad.

We made the short trip to the ER. They ran a bunch of tests and decided it was his gall bladder. They got him admitted and into a room about 3:00am. Just before lunch a doctor came to see him and let’s just say the doctor is a major dumb ass, both of us were ready to punch him by the time he left. He kept telling Jeff that his only problem was an upper respiratory infection. And every time I said asked why that would make his stomach hurt that bad he would change the subject. The very first thing he said to Jeff was “I told them not to admit you last night because you have no insurance.”

After that we talked to the nurse and she went and talked to the doctor again. Came back with the same thing and he added the reason Jeff’s back hurts is arthritis. Thing is, we never never mentioned his back being a problem. He has had his back broke. It does hurt him but he knows how to manage that pain and it wasn’t an issue that we were there for. But that was the doctor’s story and he was sticking to it. The nurse advised us to hang around until the surgeon came to talk to us because he had more sense about him.

Later in the day the hospital social worker came for a visit. The first words out of her mouth were “Don’t worry about your bill. Worry about getting better. The rest will be worked out and we will see about some private funding for you.” So, we told her what the doctor said. She hit the roof. It wasn’t long until the doctor was a thing of the past for us.

Jeff and I have this thing where we bully the hell out of each other picking and fighting back and forth. At one point the social worker asked Jeff if he feared for his safety at home. He just said “We all do. We live with a pregnant teenager!” I couldn’t quit laughing.

The surgeon finally ordered another ultra sound and shortly after came in and told us it wasn’t his gall bladder at all. They thought he might have an ulcer so they wanted to scope him the next morning. Some how or another Jeff sweet talked them into letting him go home with a promise that he would show back up for the test the next day.

I played hell getting him out the door this morning but he did go for the test. Several of the nurses and the social worker saw me in the waiting room and all of them said “He came back for the test? We didn’t figure he would.” I just told them that I gave him no choice in it.

As it turns out there is no ulcer. They did a biopsy of his stomach because they said it was extremely irritated. And his blood work showed positive for a stomach bug that I can’t pronounce much less spell. They said that stomach bug was the cause of most of his pain and nausea. $600 worth of prescriptions later he is now at home laying on the couch watching tv and here I sit at work.

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  1. I was thinking stomach bug, ONLY because my sister (whose name is Jennifer also) went through that last year.

    I hope he feels better soon.

    And you are a good wife!

  2. Why are there so many douchenozzle doctors out there? Gah!

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