Bad Boy

Dylan must get in trouble a lot more then I thought.

He is sitting in a chair in front of my desk. He leaned back in the chair and I just said put that down.

His first reaction?

He threw his hands up in the air and said “I ain’t got nothing!”

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It’s All About The Triggers

I get the hiccups a lot. I always have. When I get them, I keep them on and off for a couple days. Sometimes they get rough.

When I was younger and got them, my brother would always say, “I bet you a dollar you can’t hiccup again.” It never failed to work. I would always try it on other people and it never worked.

One day Jeff and I were sitting in the living room. I was working on a puzzle and one of Dj’s friends came over. Her and I sat working on the puzzle for awhile. Jeff got the hiccups. Since we had company I sent him a text that said “If you hiccup one more time we will have sex tonight!”

Dead silence! No more hiccups.

Last night just as we were going to bed, I got the hiccups. We were laying in bed and they were hard and hurting me. Jeff leans over and whispers “If you hiccup again you can’t have sex for 10 years.” Two seconds later I hiccuped.

He then leaned over and whispered “If you hiccup again you can’t have cheese for 10 years.”

Dead silence! No more hiccups!

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Fighting The School

Dj has always been susceptible to every illness that goes around school. She gets colds really easy and has really bad allergies. Because of this and since she has so many doctor’s appointments now, her doctor agreed that she should not go to school any more. So, he requested for her to go on home bound to finish out her senior year. I think this is a good thing. As it is she could possibly fail her senior year because of too many missed days. Every one thinks it’s a good idea except her principal.

This is his first year as principal. Word is, he is just the superintendent’s monkey boy. I don’t know that as fact but a lot of people have told me that. They say that he is on a probation of sorts. I don’t know that as fact but either way he is an ass.

Dj took her paperwork to the school last Tuesday. He got pretty hateful with her and told her they haven’t figured out the home bound program yet. Funny, there is a girl that has been home bound since the beginning of the year. Is she just failing classes? He told her to come back on Monday and he would have things figured out. Well, that is today. She went this morning and as he walked past her he said “Come back Wednesday. I don’t have your work yet!”

One of her teachers came into the store Thursday. I was talking to her about it and she said the frustration comes from teachers no longer being reimbursed for tutoring home bound students. I understand their gripe. Problem is, Dj goes by that school twice a day, every day to chauffeur her brother back and forth. She told them she could pick her work up and drop it off. She doesn’t need an in home tutor.

I just called and talked to the principal. All he kept saying was “Yeah, yeah we’re working on it as we speak.” I told him I would hate for her to fail since she is actually wanting to get the work done. Not many kids around here want to do the work. His answer “Yeah, yeah she does want to do it.” No shit!

Come Wednesday morning if she don’t have her work, I’m going to have to take further action. I’m not quite sure what that action will have to be but you can bet your ass I will find out.

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At The Hospital AGAIN!

My family is literally falling to pieces. I fully expect to be walking through the living room some day and find an ear or something laying on the floor.

I had a real busy day at work yesterday. I screwed up some one’s phone and he lives 4 hours from here. At closing time I was still trying to find a store in his area that would fix it for him. The stores in that area are stingy bastards because none of them would comp fixing the problem for me and the man had no money. So, I had to find a store that would take my card over the phone. That’s not an easy trick either.

While I’m on the phone Dj called me. I didn’t take the call so she called right back. Normally when she does that I will excuse myself and answer her. This time I didn’t. She called a third time and sent two text messages. I didn’t hear my phone going off for those. As soon as I got the customer lined out, I called her back.

Turns out that without asking anyone for advice Dylan decided chute dogging was a good idea. Now, it wasn’t that he had no supervision out there. There was an adult. One that I don’t know.

I’m still not quite sure what happened and Dylan isn’t either but somehow he ended up under the steer with a nice swift kick to his head right above his right ear. (He needed the swift kick but I would have chosen his ass to place it.) His right arm had scratches down it and his chest had a small bruise on it.

At first we decided he was fine and no doctor needed. I went and helped a friend with her computer, came home and fixed supper and we ate. We got Dylan to go get in a hot tub of water because we knew he would be hurting all over soon.

He was soaking for about 10 minutes when he came flying down to the living room crying and shaking because his head was hurting so bad. I told him to get dressed and off we went. They worked him over pretty good, done a ct scan and all the fun stuff. Turns out he didn’t damage anything and all is ok. This morning he was up and ready to go before I was and was about to set out on a trail ride with his friends.

I left him with some parting advice “Today, before you attempt to do anything, stop and ask yourself, would mom do this?”

He looked me dead in the eye and said “Crap! I guess the only thing I’m doing today is sitting on the couch crocheting!”

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Another Swap

I finally got my 75 questions done and got them sent out this morning. I am thinking of answering the questions myself so I can finally finish my 100 things post. I’ve only got 16 things listed so far and I have been working on them for months.

I joined another swap. I think this one is even harder. It’s called Letter I’ll Never Send. I can’t decide exactly who I want to never send the letter to. It was completely clear to me when I signed up for it but now I just can’t decide. There are a lot of things in my life that have been left unsaid.

For the most part I say a lot of it here. But, now I have committed myself to this and I can’t back out. I only have a couple weeks to do it. I guess I need to just put the names in the hat and randomly draw out a name to decide which letter I am going to write.

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About Kids And Money

Kids are expensive. Senior year is expensive. A kid in her senior year getting braces, glasses and having a baby is even more expensive.

My ex doesn’t pay child support. There is a child support order in place that states when one kid is with him and the other is with me I pay him around $150 and he pays me something like $350. We don’t bother over that as long as we each help the other with expenses. Then there is an order that if at anytime either of us have both children in our home the other parent pays $400 a month.

Both kids have lived with me twice now. The first time I got the child support for a couple months then it stopped. This time I haven’t gotten it at all. I really don’t care if he ever pays me a dime in child support as long as he takes care of his end when it’s needed. We make enough money to take care of the needs, it’s the wants that we have trouble with from time to time.

Herein squats the toad: His wife (from here on out I will call her HW cause what I want to call her isn’t real nice) is still pissed about Dj being pregnant and not getting an abortion. Money is her only means of taking it out on her.

I have been fighting with myself all week over last weekend. Here is how it all went down.

Dj had her senior pictures done. We agreed to half the cost of them. He was going to pay his half last weekend when she went for her visit. We don’t get a whole lot of pictures for the cost so I was going to add an extra $12 to my half so he could get an 8×10 because she was planning on stealing his. I’m just nice like that some times.

She got to her dad’s last weekend and realized she had forgot her phone charger at home. I told her I have FIVE chargers that will fit her phone around the house so I would dig one up for her to keep over there. Her dad took her out and bought her a new one. He took it out of his half of the picture money. So that is an extra $23 I have to pay.

Dj drives over to his house. I pay the gas for her to get there and he pays it for her to get home. He didn’t have it to give her so that came out of her picture money. Another extra $20 I have to make up for with the pictures.

Here is the kicker. He asked Dj if she wanted to go skating with Dylan. At first she said no but later decided that she did want to go. It costs $3 to get in. When she told her dad that yes she wanted to go HW chimes up with “She just don’t get it about the money does she?” And she didn’t say it in a nice way either. The ex stood up for Dj in this instance.

Dj called me upset about it and I hit the roof. My immediate reaction was to call and go off but she asked me to keep my trap shut this time. I don’t understand her way of thinking. They live kid free and don’t have to pay child support and she wants to get stupid over $3? Does she not realize that I can get stupid about money? Does she not realize that if I want to be a bitch too I can dip further into her wallet then $3?

I told Dj I won’t say anything unless she runs her head again the next time they go over. If it does happen again I will talk to him. I hate to threaten anyone with anything but she needs to realize when it comes to money, right now I hold all the cards.

For now I have to be content with my only revenge being they aren’t getting that damn 8×10!

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  • We finally got Dylan his birthday present. She is a beautiful blue heeler. We got her last Friday just after he went for his weekend with his dad. I was worried that she would be bonded with Jeff before Dylan got home but that hasn’t been a problem. If you see Dylan, you see Molly. They are always together.
  • We finally got an answer back on Jeff’s tests. His irritation was caused by a bacteria found in our water. Gotta love it! I promptly went and bought a filter because Dj doesn’t need to be getting sick too.
  • I have found the past few days that I have a low bullshit tolerance. Normally I can laugh and go about my business but lately I’m having a hard time with it. I had a customer come in this morning and wanted to argue with me. It was hard to resist the urge to rip his fucking lips off his face.
  • I have been thinking about doing another blog for my crochet. There’s no sense in boring my 3 readers to tears with my narcissistic need for praise.
  • I have an old friend from school that I have become reacquainted with. We lost touch when I moved here about 20 years ago. We talk from time to time and I always get home sick. I love it in Oklahoma but I sure do miss Alabama a lot.
  • We go for another baby appointment on Monday. We are hoping we get to find out if it’s a boy or a girl. Dj has finally pinned down a name for Chuck if it’s a girl. Her name will be Patience Marie. I have no idea where Patience came from but Marie was my mom’s middle name. Dj refuses to let us call the baby Patty Cake so I have told her I will continue to call the baby Chuck no matter what she names it. She is tossing around Levi Blaine for a boy but that one is still up in the air.
  • On an upside, the baby daddy has a job. He has had the job for 2 weeks now. I’m not holding my breath but I certainly hope this is a turning point for him. I want to like him so bad but everytime I get close he does something stupid.
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75 Questions

I have joined a swap at Swap-Bot. You are given two swap partners and you send 75 questions to each. I have several but not enough.

Anyone have some questions that could be used? They can be deep intellectual or just plain ordinary.

Help please!?!?!

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The Last Couple Days – The Short Version

For the past few weeks Jeff has been having some bad stomach pains along with nausea. It got better for a few days. Then, I came home Monday night and it was flaring up again. He refuses to go see a doctor. Then around 9:00 that night he turned and looked at me and said how quick can you get dressed. I knew it must be hurting pretty bad.

We made the short trip to the ER. They ran a bunch of tests and decided it was his gall bladder. They got him admitted and into a room about 3:00am. Just before lunch a doctor came to see him and let’s just say the doctor is a major dumb ass, both of us were ready to punch him by the time he left. He kept telling Jeff that his only problem was an upper respiratory infection. And every time I said asked why that would make his stomach hurt that bad he would change the subject. The very first thing he said to Jeff was “I told them not to admit you last night because you have no insurance.”

After that we talked to the nurse and she went and talked to the doctor again. Came back with the same thing and he added the reason Jeff’s back hurts is arthritis. Thing is, we never never mentioned his back being a problem. He has had his back broke. It does hurt him but he knows how to manage that pain and it wasn’t an issue that we were there for. But that was the doctor’s story and he was sticking to it. The nurse advised us to hang around until the surgeon came to talk to us because he had more sense about him.

Later in the day the hospital social worker came for a visit. The first words out of her mouth were “Don’t worry about your bill. Worry about getting better. The rest will be worked out and we will see about some private funding for you.” So, we told her what the doctor said. She hit the roof. It wasn’t long until the doctor was a thing of the past for us.

Jeff and I have this thing where we bully the hell out of each other picking and fighting back and forth. At one point the social worker asked Jeff if he feared for his safety at home. He just said “We all do. We live with a pregnant teenager!” I couldn’t quit laughing.

The surgeon finally ordered another ultra sound and shortly after came in and told us it wasn’t his gall bladder at all. They thought he might have an ulcer so they wanted to scope him the next morning. Some how or another Jeff sweet talked them into letting him go home with a promise that he would show back up for the test the next day.

I played hell getting him out the door this morning but he did go for the test. Several of the nurses and the social worker saw me in the waiting room and all of them said “He came back for the test? We didn’t figure he would.” I just told them that I gave him no choice in it.

As it turns out there is no ulcer. They did a biopsy of his stomach because they said it was extremely irritated. And his blood work showed positive for a stomach bug that I can’t pronounce much less spell. They said that stomach bug was the cause of most of his pain and nausea. $600 worth of prescriptions later he is now at home laying on the couch watching tv and here I sit at work.

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