How To Scar Your Child In Three Minutes

Saturday poor Dylan was left alone with only me and Jeff. We had planned to just hang out and watch tv and just be vegetables all day. Well, Dylan was bored and I felt bad because all his friends were busy so I offered to take him and rent a game. Just before we got back to the house this conversation took place.

Me: Aren’t you glad I’m your mom?
Him: Most of the time.
Me: Do you wish you had a different mom?
Him: Sometimes.
Me: Well, you could be stuck with *Rita or Maggie.
Him: That’s not so bad.
Me: Well you would have came out of their hoo ha!
Him: Ewwww! Nasty! They are all wrinkled!
Me: And just how do you know that?
Him: Look at their faces. They have wrinkles all around their mouths and they are all scrunchy.
Me: So that tells you what a woman’s hoo ha looks like?
Him: Yes!
Me: Well you know, I do have some hair around my mouth!

At this point he fell out of the truck and took off running through the yard hitting himself on the head saying “Get out of there! Get! Get!”

*Names are made up. Falling out of the truck and screaming, however, aren’t.

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  1. That is too funny!!!!

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