Pretty Lucky

I was sitting on the couch last night and got to looking at my kids. I really wonder how I got lucky enough to have not one but two pretty good kids.

I see kids come in my store on a regular basis that talk to their mom like they are dogs. My kids don’t do that. They do argue with me from time to time but it’s rare that they have a disrespectful tone to their voice.

Sure my daughter is 17 and pregnant. At least she wasn’t pregnant at 14.
This isn’t a plea to hear what a good mom I am. I seriously have been blessed when it came to the kid department. There are so many things that could have went wrong with these two. I have always said that I am not the mom that they deserved and I do believe that of my past. I am different now then I was.
I may not be the mom they deserve but I am so thankful that I am their mom.
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  1. What a lovely thing to say about your kids.
    It says alot about you as a mom.

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