Deep Sigh Of Relief

A month or so ago I was in a bit of a quandary. For those that don’t feel up to reading it again the short version is this: Dylan wanted to move in with me. Dj goes to school A. I wanted Dylan to go to school A as well. That school has no football so he wanted to go to school B which is a much bigger school and I don’t like it. I tried to fight it but I finally gave into it because it meant he would stay with me.

The night before school started he changed his mind, he wanted to go to school A. I was ecstatic! We loaded up the next morning to get all the paperwork done that we needed to do and battle who we needed to battle to get him in there. As it turned out the battle was short lived because school A had to many 8th graders and couldn’t make room for him. He was going to have to go to school B anyway because we live in their school district.

For the past month I would drop him off in the morning and spend my days on pins and needles worrying about him until he shows up at my store.

Then I breathe.

He made it through another day.

It’s not that the school is particularly rough but the powers that be really don’t do anything when things do get rough. They tend to let kids work things out a bit more then I like.

Last Thursday Dylan had a football game. He put his phone in his football locker UNDER his clothes. When he went to change back into his clothes his phone was gone. The school has done nothing about it.

Monday morning Dylan got to school and found a bullet in his pocket. (He had been target practicing with the neighbors and as kids tend to do he put those pants back on without them being washed.) He took the bullet out of his pocket and slipped it in his book bag. At recess two boys got his bag and decided to go through it. They found the bullet and turned it in to their coach. Dylan had to go to the office and he explained what happened to the principal and he was believed but with all the trouble in schools he had to talk to the powers that be to find out if they could just drop it or not.

I went to school with him Tuesday morning to talk to the principal. I had one simple question. “What was done to the boys that went through his bag?” See, I’m not the kind of mom that tries to get my kids out of trouble when they get into it. I don’t say things like my kid wouldn’t do that. I get that the school might have to punish Dylan. I’m ok with that but, I want those boys punished too. The answer to my question? “Oh, well, someone went through his bag?”

Jeff and I have been looking at a new house. It’s in school district C. It’s a small school that only goes to 8th grade then the kids are bussed to school A. I was so mad when I left school B yesterday that I decided whether we move or not Dylan was coming out of that school. He walks a mile from school to my store every day. The school won’t protect him when he’s there so why should I believe he will be safe to walk through town to here?

I called school C and the secretary told me that it probably wouldn’t be a problem to transfer him but I would have to speak with the Superintendent. He called me a few minutes later. When I heard his voice the clouds parted and the sun shown down. I knew Dylan was in. The superintendent at school C was Dylan and Dj’s principal at the first school they went to. He knew my kids. He was with Dj from 1st grade until 8th grade and with Dylan from Pre – K to 5th grade. His words to me “Jennifer, I will get the emergency transfer papers started and you bring him to me in the morning.” I went straight to school B and withdrew my kid.

We took him to his new school this morning. It’s a very, very small school. There might be 80 students total. As soon as we walked up, Dylan’s new Science teacher walked out the door. He was one of my teachers when I was a senior many moons ago. He introduced us to his new math teacher who seems so sweet. Then we went into the office to start the paperwork and his English teacher came in and talked to us.

I left the school feeling so much relief I almost cried. My son is safe now and in an environment that works for his learning style.

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  1. My wordless week is officially over, I’ve killed umpteen fairies and I’m done…back to blogging, back to commenting 🙂 Long live the blog fairies.

  2. That is awesome!

    I agree with you about something should’ve been done to the kids who went through his bag.

    I didn’t know your name is Jennifer. I have a sister named Jennifer – too cool!!

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