Pulling It Together With Dots

  • The county fair is this weekend. I entered this baby blanket that I made for Dj. Judging is going on right now and even though it’s just a ribbon and $3 I’m sitting on pins and needles.
  • Gustov was bad news for a lot of people. He brought us some rain that we didn’t need but not too much. However, he also brought with him some cool air. It’s in the high 60s right now and I am loving it!
  • Dylan had his mammogram Tuesday. It will be a week and a half before we find out anything. They did mention that he might have to go for an ultrasound as a follow up. I, being the mom that I am, took my camera and got some really cute pictures of him getting swashed. He has promised retaliation.
  • Dylan’s first football game of the season is today. I will miss the first hour of it because I’ll be here at work.
  • Up until last Saturday, Dj worked at a little cafe here in town. It worked out great for her but they pissed me off hard Friday so I allowed her to quit. She was sick enough to go to the ER Thursday night and was bad enough I wouldn’t let her go to school Friday but they thought it would be a good idea to have her come in early since she didn’t go to school. She tried to not go at all, she was running fever, her throat was swollen and she could barely talk. Her boss told her all she had to do was fill ups and take money. When she got there he had NOT touched a thing and she had double work because she had to wash all his dishes and do all his clean up. Starting today she will be babysitting three days a week.
  • My landlord came home yesterday. He has been gone for a couple months due to some surgery he had to have. He is a very commanding man. When he says he wants something done you don’t feel pushed into it but you do feel compelled to get it done for him. His demeanor just commands respect. I am so glad he is home because my little wormy neighbor has felt the need to fill the big guys shoes for the past month and it’s getting pretty close to me going to jail for stabbing him with a meat fork.
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