Hope For Humanity

Last weekend was the Choctaw Nation Labor Day Festival. It’s basically a big camp out with rides, games and concerts.

I have never been but my kids go pretty much every year. This is the first year Dylan got to go with friends rather then his sister. I told him to check in from time to time but I never heard from him until Sunday night. He called from a friend’s phone.

Right after him and I got off the phone I received another call from a number I didn’t know. I answered it and it was a man telling me he found my son’s cell phone. I couldn’t catch back up with Dylan so I called the man back and asked him if we could meet when he was on his way home.

As it turns out he was on his way home within in a few minutes. Jeff and I loaded up and made the 30 minute trip to the meet up point. It was almost midnight when the people made it there. While we were waiting we ran into Dylan on his way back home. He says he had no clue his phone wasn’t in his bag. I’m not quite sure I believe him.

Anyway, we met the family and got his phone back. It turns out the teenage son of the man that called had found the phone and immediately took it to his dad so they could find who it belongs too. It does my heart good to know that there are kids out there with good values that will return a phone instead of running up a huge bill for someone else to pay.

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  1. Good people. That touches my heart, as well.

    One time I was on a trip for work. I had a business cell phone with me. Stopped a couple places – a store and a restaurant for lunch. Got back to my hotel, couldn’t find the phone. Went back to both places – no one had turned it in.

    Got back to my hotel, called the phone. A guy answered. Assuming he had stolen the phone I said “This is a government phone you stole and there are serious consequences if you do not return it!” ha ha ha ha ha!

    He says “Kate, I just called your office to find out who this phone belongs to.” My office vouched for him later.

    I felt bad that I had accused him – at the same time I knew given todays world, most people would not be so kind. And he understood that.

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