Boob Issues

Can anyone besides me see the face in this picture? I need to clean the windows here at work but I can’t make myself wash away that face imprint. It belongs to Dylan and it scared the hell out of me when I first glanced at it.

But that is not what we are here to talk about today. We are here to talk about boobs. More specifically Dylan’s boobs.

For a month or so Dylan has had a knot growing under his left nipple. At first it was small and you could barely feel it. Last Thursday he showed it to me again and it was a lot bigger. He had a doctor’s appointment for the following Monday because of a cold that won’t go away. While we were there we asked the doctor to check the knot.

He said he thinks it’s probably hormonal but wants to be on the safe side. He has him set up for a mammogram Tuesday morning.

He’s scared because he knows it probably will hurt. I told him to look on the bright side. He has a leg up on all the other boys around. When it starts being routine for his wife he can commiserate with her. I also told him he better make sure to cook dinner for her or have flowers because he knows what kind of pain she will be going through.

His answer was definitely a man answer.

“I ain’t worried about that because I know mine will hurt worse.”

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  1. Yes, I see the face in that pic.
    It kinda scared me til you said it’s Dylan.

    I hope his mammogram goes ok and everything comes out fine.

    I knew a guy once (not to scare you) who had breast cancer. It just floored me because I never knew guys could get that!

  2. I’m fairly certain it’s nothing. His oldest brother had a similar scare at about the same age so I’m thinking it’s probably the same thing. Which turned out to be nothing.

  3. My son had the same exact thing when he was in his early teens! I of course took him to the doctor, and you are right, it is a hormonal thing that boys sometimes get during puberty.

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