My Grandchild

We have now decided that until we find out if she is having a boy or a girl we will refer to the baby as Chuck.

Yesterday Dj had her first ultrasound. We also got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. It made me put any reservations about a baby coming into our lives behind me.

I was so excited when they found the heartbeat on the first try. It was strong and loud!

Then we went in for the ultrasound and Chuck showed his/her playful side. Everytime the doc would try to get a face shot of the he/she would turn it’s head or throw a hand up. Chuck did a full turn while on camera and tried to suck his/her thumb.

I started laughing and told Dj it looks like the old mother’s curse is about to be fullfilled with this baby. She is going to have a child that acts just like her!

*As soon as I can pry the pictures out of Dj’s hands I will bore you with ultrasound pictures and hopefully the audio of the heartbeat.

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  1. I actually love ultrasound pictures. Babies happen, and they make the world a happy place.

  2. Good! I have a sneaky feeling I will be talking about Chuck for awhile. Now that we have actually seen it we are all just sitting around counting the days until we can meet Chuck.

  3. I also love ultrasound pictures… especially the new three D ones.. they are amazing!
    So awesome that you are so supportive of your daughter… so many moms aren’t.
    You rock!

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