Picture Perfect

My kids and Jeff love each other. They have gotten along great since the day they met, a few months before him and even considered going out with each other. (Well, we both had secretly considered it but the circumstances weren’t right at the time.)

With Dj’s pregnancy she has already become very hormonal. When she gets moody she knows I won’t deal with her so her only target has become Jeff. She gets snarky with him and sometimes hateful. He takes it all in stride even though I know it really hurts his feelings.

Dylan is at that lovely age of 14. Everyone knows what 14 year old boys are like. So him and Jeff have been locked in the age old testosterone battle for dominance in the house. It’s not too bad but I have had to get in Dylan’s shit more then a couple times for his mouth. Last week they were battling and Dylan said something that was really over the top and hurt Jeff very deeply.

The next day I had an opportunity to get my kids alone and have a talk with them. They told me their sides of the stories and how they felt and I told them how I saw them treating Jeff. I let them know just how much he loves them. And pointed out that a lot of the things Jeff does for them he doesn’t have to do. He doesn’t owe either of them anything but he gives them everything. I explained to them how badly they were hurting him with their actions and how left out he was feeling because they went out of their way to not include him in anything.

That night was a picture perfect night. We got home and Jeff was going to go pay the water bill. He asked Dylan if he wanted to ride along. One their way back I get a phone call to look out the door. DYLAN was driving the truck into the driveway! Jeff got out and started working on his truck for work. Dylan came inside and asked me if I thought Jeff would take him to Wal Mart to pick up a couple things he needed for school. I told him to go ask. He ended up going out there and helping Jeff work on his truck and then the two of them went to the store.

When they got home Dj wanted to take apart a bassinet she had bought to clean it up. She made a point of asking Jeff to help her with it. There was no fighting, or smart remarks all night long. Jeff was glowing with happiness when we went to bed that night.

I would love to say that every night since the talk I had with them has been this way but, I can’t. It hasn’t been picture perfect again but it has been a lot better. It makes going home at night a good idea again instead of just camping out at work.

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  1. From teaching teenagers for 100 years I have learned that they really do take those serious talks to heart. However, they seem to need to be reminded of that chat VERY often. I hope that your children understand how lucky they are to have such a great man in their lives!

  2. That’s what gets me about the kids. They do know they are lucky to have him. I think some days though they think they are lucky just cause they can get smart with him and he takes a lot more of it then I do.

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