Rambling Blog Take 2

See this is what happens when you don’t blog for a week. You end up remembering a butt load of things you wanted to say but forgot to say. So here is the rest of it.

We acquired new neighbors last week, two teenage boys and one teenage girl. I am going to end up being one of those neighbors that will have to call the cops on them. They have three pit bulls. I have a deep seeded fear of pit bulls. I know they are only as mean as the owners make them but the fear is still there. One of them got loose the other day. Dylan was riding his bike home from a friends and the damn dog chased him to our front door. Jeff went over and talked to them and they apologized profusely and promised to make sure it was always chained when outside of the house. Jeff informed them that if his wife ever catches one of those dogs near one of the kids again she would shoot it. They said they understood and promised it wouldn’t happen again.

Another reason they piss me off. They party. Now I don’t mind late night parties or even loud music. I can sleep through most anything. However, the place they have chose to hold their parties is right beside my bedroom. They like to pull their car around by the fire, crank the toons and shine their headlights right in my bedroom window. If it were weekend nights they did this I wouldn’t be so upset about it but they do it during the week. If they wake me up one more time I will call the cops.

Dylan called me the other day while I was at the doctors with Dj. He was at a friends house and they have an old blind rooster. They were about to kill it and Dylan wanted to keep it. I told him ok. He now has a basket on the front of his bike and he takes his rooster everywhere with him. He keeps it on a leash. Yesterday he stepped off the bike and just left the chicken for a minute. It jumped out of the basket and was just hanging there. Of course I had to get on to Dylan for “choking his chicken” in the front yard where everyone could see.

*The chicken survived the choking. Dylan saw it jump and got it before it got hurt.

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  1. I hate neighbors like that.

    I’d say good luck – but I think with those kind it’s not about luck – it’s about skill – as in, how well you aim the shotgun. LOL!

    Hang in there!

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