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Last week was an odd week for me. As good as it was I just couldn’t make myself post anything about it. It was a great week but I had a major case of the blahs. So now you get to suffer through a recap of my last week or so.

I’ve always known that I got really lucky in the husband department. He works hard and he is great to me and my kids. He had a really hard week the week before and we were both tired over the weekend. Saturday was uneventful but I woke up Sunday morning with an urge to rearrange my living room. We got started on it and Dj called to ask if her and I could go school clothes shopping. I told her I was busy but she could go. Jeff made me go with her. He told me we needed mother/daughter time and he would do the living room for me. We went and when we got back he was almost done. I helped him finish it up and I love the new look.

Along the same lines I haven’t been able to go yarn shopping in about 4 years. I couldn’t afford it so I just never made the 2 hour trip to a real store to get the yarn. Billie and I planned a trip to just get away and to look around for last Saturday. I was really excited about the trip even though I knew I couldn’t really buy anything. Last Monday Jeff called me at work to tell me that he got the bills taken care of and everything lined out and I could take my whole check and buy yarn and school clothes for the kids.

Thursday morning I woke up kind of depressed. I have been upset with the company I work for for the past several months. It all kind of came to a head for me that morning. It took a great effort on my part to just make myself get up and come to work. (I need to say that I really love the people that I work with and for at my store. I have just lost faith in the corporation itself.) Jeff and I talked that night and it was decided that I will finish out the rest of the year and see how I feel then. If I am still not happy here I will quit and just get a part time job somewhere.

Then Friday morning happened. I received the biggest paycheck I have ever received at any job I have ever had. I decided that even though I have lost faith, I will fake it until I find it again.

Saturday morning we were off on our yarn adventure. We left about 9am and got home around 9pm. I spent way too much money on yarn but, it was on clearance so I was supposed to buy it, wasn’t I?

Yesterday was the first day of school for Dj. She goes to a school outside of our district. Awhile back I talked about Dylan going to a school that I don’t like. He finally decided to go to the school that his sister goes to and we all like. He loaded up yesterday so we could get him registered and the 8th grade was too full so they wouldn’t accept him. He is stuck going to the school we didn’t really care for in the first place. He gets to play football though so he’s happy.

Dj had her first doctor’s appointment. They have set a tentative due date as March 5th. She goes for an ultrasound in two weeks to determine exactly how far along she is. I can’t wait!

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  1. I’m glad to hear from you. I was starting to worry when you didn’t post. I mean first you posted about being happy and then…nothing. Why do mothers always worry about everything?..even people that we have never met? Jeez! Any way that yarn trip sounded like a ball. (Get it??) I LOVE trips like that. And for clothes shopping with a teenager? thanks!

  2. Congratulations on all of the good news – especially the huge pay check!

    And yes, you are supposed to buy the yarn if it’s on sale. :op

    p.s I missed you.

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