Our store sits at a pretty busy intersection. In the year and a half I have worked here there have been three wrecks, two in the past two weeks. The problem is people either think the intersection is a four way stop or just don’t pay attention to the stop signs that are there.

I actually witnessed one of the wrecks and only heard the crash of the last two. The one that happened on Friday is the one I have pictured. From what I gather that white pick up ran the stop sign and hit that state trooper car. No one was hurt but the people have came out of the woodwork yelling “I saw it all! I saw everything!”

That really just pisses me off!

It pisses me off because the this is the only wreck that it has happened at. At the other two that involved low profile people there was not a stinking person that gave two shits about them.

These people are damn glory hounds and it sucks to know end.

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Boob Issues

Can anyone besides me see the face in this picture? I need to clean the windows here at work but I can’t make myself wash away that face imprint. It belongs to Dylan and it scared the hell out of me when I first glanced at it.

But that is not what we are here to talk about today. We are here to talk about boobs. More specifically Dylan’s boobs.

For a month or so Dylan has had a knot growing under his left nipple. At first it was small and you could barely feel it. Last Thursday he showed it to me again and it was a lot bigger. He had a doctor’s appointment for the following Monday because of a cold that won’t go away. While we were there we asked the doctor to check the knot.

He said he thinks it’s probably hormonal but wants to be on the safe side. He has him set up for a mammogram Tuesday morning.

He’s scared because he knows it probably will hurt. I told him to look on the bright side. He has a leg up on all the other boys around. When it starts being routine for his wife he can commiserate with her. I also told him he better make sure to cook dinner for her or have flowers because he knows what kind of pain she will be going through.

His answer was definitely a man answer.

“I ain’t worried about that because I know mine will hurt worse.”

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Meet Chuck

Before the ultrasound Dj was very visibly shaking. When the picture popped up on the screen you could hear her sigh with relief. When it was all over she told me “Mom I was so scared there would be something wrong with my baby.” I simply told her welcome to the world of being a mom. That worry will never go away.

I’m not entirely sure the video will load for anyone. If anyone can tell me how to make the file size smaller so it will load better I sure would appreciate it. And the volume is kind of low on it so you might need to turn your speakers up a bit.

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Here is a look into how my mind works when I go to bed at night.

I was laying there last night thinking about how great it was that my husband was so close and so protective of me. My mind jumped to this post. I thought about his wife and how lucky she is to have a husband that has accommodated her need for family and career. I don’t mean that to sound like she needs his permission to have it all but from my experience it sure does help to have a man that will stand behind you and your ambitions.

Then my mind jumped to something I blocked out years ago.

When I was 22 I worked at the front desk of a hotel in Gulfport, Ms. There was a basketball tournament in town so it was booked solid. One of the teams that was staying with us was from the University of Alabama. This was a school that I dreamed of going to all my life but, life happens and I never even got to apply much less attend.

The coach came into the office and him and I started talking about the school and about me not going to college. We talked a few times over the course of their stay. Before they packed up and left the coach came in to talk to me one more time and made me an offer that nearly made me faint. The team needed a manager. With the position came a FULL RIDE to the University of Alabama. (Yeah I’ll let that sink in just a second before I tell you the rest.)


The only real catch to the free ride was I had to travel with the team. On the surface that doesn’t really seem like a big deal, it was only for a few nights a month. The rest of the time was pretty much my time for school and my family.

I was ecstatic! I went home and told my ex about it. At first he was happy too. So, we went next door and told my parents. My mom’s first words were “Hell no! You can’t do that!” Her reason for that was it was a three hour drive and that was too far to take her grandchildren away. She laid a really big guilt trip on me for even thinking of doing something so selfish.

My ex and I did a lot of talking about it and for the most part he felt like it was a good idea. Then it sunk into his brain that I would be gone over night sometimes. His words “No, we won’t be doing this because I’m not going to be the one to raise these kids!” So, I allowed him to guilt me into not take the scholarship.

I need to have a talk with him but I haven’t been mad enough at him yet to take on the fight that I know is going to come. After I thought about what I passed up so many years ago I was pissed last night. I couldn’t sleep for most of the night.

I have found the anger that I need to get through his thick skull. Today we have the fight we need to have over how he is acting towards our daughter and grandchild.

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My Grandchild

We have now decided that until we find out if she is having a boy or a girl we will refer to the baby as Chuck.

Yesterday Dj had her first ultrasound. We also got to hear the heartbeat for the first time. It made me put any reservations about a baby coming into our lives behind me.

I was so excited when they found the heartbeat on the first try. It was strong and loud!

Then we went in for the ultrasound and Chuck showed his/her playful side. Everytime the doc would try to get a face shot of the he/she would turn it’s head or throw a hand up. Chuck did a full turn while on camera and tried to suck his/her thumb.

I started laughing and told Dj it looks like the old mother’s curse is about to be fullfilled with this baby. She is going to have a child that acts just like her!

*As soon as I can pry the pictures out of Dj’s hands I will bore you with ultrasound pictures and hopefully the audio of the heartbeat.

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Crazy Old Lady Day

I have always worried about talking about where I work on here because once I talk a little about it then eventually it’s gonna come out who I work for. But, I am at a point that I really don’t care. There are too many crazy people that come into my store for me not to share some of this stuff. Yesterday was dubbed Crazy Old Lady Day because I had 5 or 6 come in the store but only one really stands out.

Jeff was at work with me waiting on my paycheck so he could take it to the bank. Before the store was even officially open the first crazy lady of the day walked in. She’s really a nice lady but she now falls into my crazy lady category. (That’s not necessarily a bad thing.) She had spilled coffee on her cell phone and needed a quick fix for it. Well, there is no quick fix for it.

She got a new phone and was trying to figure it out. Jeff was sitting at a desk beside mine and was basically just minding his own business. I showed her how to work her phone and then the store phone rang. I excused myself to take the call. While I was talking the lady asked me what that man’s phone number was so she could try her phone out. Jeff just looked at her like a deer caught in headlights. So, me being the loving wife that I am I wrote it down on a post it for her.

She called his phone and he answered it. She was satisfied with the volume and told him don’t worry about your wife, we’ll work it out if she finds out. Apparently she didn’t figure out that I was his wife and I wasn’t about to tell her.

She has called him FOUR times now for various reasons.

It makes me giggle.

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Picture Perfect

My kids and Jeff love each other. They have gotten along great since the day they met, a few months before him and even considered going out with each other. (Well, we both had secretly considered it but the circumstances weren’t right at the time.)

With Dj’s pregnancy she has already become very hormonal. When she gets moody she knows I won’t deal with her so her only target has become Jeff. She gets snarky with him and sometimes hateful. He takes it all in stride even though I know it really hurts his feelings.

Dylan is at that lovely age of 14. Everyone knows what 14 year old boys are like. So him and Jeff have been locked in the age old testosterone battle for dominance in the house. It’s not too bad but I have had to get in Dylan’s shit more then a couple times for his mouth. Last week they were battling and Dylan said something that was really over the top and hurt Jeff very deeply.

The next day I had an opportunity to get my kids alone and have a talk with them. They told me their sides of the stories and how they felt and I told them how I saw them treating Jeff. I let them know just how much he loves them. And pointed out that a lot of the things Jeff does for them he doesn’t have to do. He doesn’t owe either of them anything but he gives them everything. I explained to them how badly they were hurting him with their actions and how left out he was feeling because they went out of their way to not include him in anything.

That night was a picture perfect night. We got home and Jeff was going to go pay the water bill. He asked Dylan if he wanted to ride along. One their way back I get a phone call to look out the door. DYLAN was driving the truck into the driveway! Jeff got out and started working on his truck for work. Dylan came inside and asked me if I thought Jeff would take him to Wal Mart to pick up a couple things he needed for school. I told him to go ask. He ended up going out there and helping Jeff work on his truck and then the two of them went to the store.

When they got home Dj wanted to take apart a bassinet she had bought to clean it up. She made a point of asking Jeff to help her with it. There was no fighting, or smart remarks all night long. Jeff was glowing with happiness when we went to bed that night.

I would love to say that every night since the talk I had with them has been this way but, I can’t. It hasn’t been picture perfect again but it has been a lot better. It makes going home at night a good idea again instead of just camping out at work.

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Wife Swap

I have a friend that is going through a divorce. It looks like it might get nasty. Her soon to be ex was a sweetheart of a guy when they first married then turned into a very controlling kind of man that even told her he didn’t like her son.

He has text me on several occasions to get advice about how to handle things with her. It’s usually a waste of time for me because he doesn’t want to hear what I have to say. He locks on to one or two things anyone says and then twists them and uses those things against her. Anytime he talks to me she knows it. I do not hide things from her or her from me. That is how we have remained so close for over 20 years. He knows that if she asks me about the things him and I talk about I will tell her.

Anyway, the past few days have been really rough for her because he just will not stop trying to bully her into working the marriage out. Honestly, how can you work out a marriage when your husband matter of fact tells you he can’t stand your kid? As much as I love Jeff, if he were to out right tell me something like that he would be gone. Her husband doesn’t understand why she chose to take her son’s side in this and not his.

It has been really hard for me to keep my mouth shut when he talks to me. I get a few digs in on him but I try to stay level headed and nice for her sake. I don’t want to give him any more ammunition against her. Jeff and her brother are chomping at the bit to give the man a little hill country justice.

Last night Jeff and I were watching Wife Swap. He looked over at me and said we won’t be doing anything like that so don’t even think about it. He further stated that there was only one couple that he would consider swapping with.

His exact words: “We’ll let that fat bastard have a dose of you for awhile!”

I’m not quite sure how to take that.

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I Would Have Been A Failure

Last week Miss Britt announced that she would quit smoking starting today. I have decided that this will be my year to quit smoking as well so I asked if I could join the non smoking revolution. I know I need to take this ride with someone else in order for me to be held accountable for my actions. I told my family this weekend that I would quit today. I started building myself up for it and even started to look forward to it last night.

Then I woke up this morning.

When Dj woke me up I was right in the middle of a dream about smoking. I have never had one of those before that I can recall. I went and started the coffee and started on my search for where I put my cigarettes. Then I remembered that today I quit.

Reality hit me smack in the face when it occurred to me that today was not a good day for me to embark on this journey. Monday mornings I come face to face with all my triggers. I don’t have to be at work until 1:00 and I am left all by myself with no support system.

I let myself off the hook for this morning because I knew I would fail at no smoking today. Once I mark myself as a failure at it, I will just give in and smoke more and more.

Today wasn’t my day to quit, but tomorrow is a new day with plenty of distractions and fewer triggers. Tomorrow I will do my best to make myself a non smoker.

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Rambling Blog Take 2

See this is what happens when you don’t blog for a week. You end up remembering a butt load of things you wanted to say but forgot to say. So here is the rest of it.

We acquired new neighbors last week, two teenage boys and one teenage girl. I am going to end up being one of those neighbors that will have to call the cops on them. They have three pit bulls. I have a deep seeded fear of pit bulls. I know they are only as mean as the owners make them but the fear is still there. One of them got loose the other day. Dylan was riding his bike home from a friends and the damn dog chased him to our front door. Jeff went over and talked to them and they apologized profusely and promised to make sure it was always chained when outside of the house. Jeff informed them that if his wife ever catches one of those dogs near one of the kids again she would shoot it. They said they understood and promised it wouldn’t happen again.

Another reason they piss me off. They party. Now I don’t mind late night parties or even loud music. I can sleep through most anything. However, the place they have chose to hold their parties is right beside my bedroom. They like to pull their car around by the fire, crank the toons and shine their headlights right in my bedroom window. If it were weekend nights they did this I wouldn’t be so upset about it but they do it during the week. If they wake me up one more time I will call the cops.

Dylan called me the other day while I was at the doctors with Dj. He was at a friends house and they have an old blind rooster. They were about to kill it and Dylan wanted to keep it. I told him ok. He now has a basket on the front of his bike and he takes his rooster everywhere with him. He keeps it on a leash. Yesterday he stepped off the bike and just left the chicken for a minute. It jumped out of the basket and was just hanging there. Of course I had to get on to Dylan for “choking his chicken” in the front yard where everyone could see.

*The chicken survived the choking. Dylan saw it jump and got it before it got hurt.

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