Just A Few Things

This is the sky I woke up to this morning. It just felt nice and cool so I had to take a picture. It has been 103 to 110 this past week around here so it will be a nice break if we get the rain they called for today.

Dj has been sick the past few days. She is learning one of the harsh realities of being pregnant. There is absolutely nothing you can take to make you feel better. You just have to deal with it until it goes away.

Our truck is finally fixed. I am going to get tickets in it now because it runs better and faster then it ever did. Now if we can just get the AC to work right in it I will be a happy camper.

I am continually amazed at my son. We got him just a cheap dollar a month cell phone with the promise of something better when he shows he can be responsible with it. He has been after me forever to add internet to his phone. It’s only $5 to add it but I told him I couldn’t do it until Friday. Not because I didn’t have the money but I just didn’t feel like messing with it. He wanted to pay for the addition on his own. He came to work with me yesterday and walked across the street to a nursery and asked if they needed any trash taken out or anything he could do to earn $5. They put him to work and I had to mess with getting the internet put on his phone. They told him they will let him come do some odds and ends from time to time so he can pay for his internet bill.

I think I am going to have to give up some of my caffeine. I have never had any trouble sleeping. I could drink a pot of coffee and go straight to bed. For the past month or so I haven’t been able to sleep real good. I am going to try to cut back on it some. I still have to have it during the day but won’t drink anything with caffeine after 6. Wish my family luck!

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  1. Kids working instead of whining for money? Priceless! Where did this kid come from? I want to order one.

  2. Awesome picture!

    Hoping your air is working soon. Mine was broke – took it in – turned out it was a bad fuse.
    Much better now.

    I think I drink too much diet dew. I lay in bed at night and my heart races. Time to cut back. But I’m addicted. ha ha ha!

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