Drawing The Line

It’s a normal thing for a blogger to say “I blog for me. I do it to get things out of my head.” I started my blog for pretty much the same reason. I started it at a time in my life that I needed to work a lot of things out. I had to get right with me. I can look back now and read some of my posts and I see the transition I made. Maybe no one else can but I can.

I started out blogging at Yahoo 360. It was nice but then people found me. People that I knew. I started to censor myself to an extent. I didn’t tell quite so much about things that were going on in my life or I would word my posts different to soften the blow for my friends and family. I finally moved my blog here so I could feel more open to discuss the things that are on my mind. Mostly I do but still I find myself holding back some.

For me it’s a matter of where do I draw the line. Everyone that enters my house on a regular basis knows there is a possibility that they will end up on my blog. I don’t hide that. But, what about the people that are in my life that don’t enter my house? Do I write what I have to say about them and hope there is no fall out from it?

My landlord is a very private person. I have things to say about things going on right now. Do I say them and hope that he don’t see it or that the people I want to talk about don’t see it? Because there will be a massive fall out if it is seen.
There are things about my job that I am not liking at all going on right now. I would quit my job but I like the actual people I work for just not the company itself. There is no way to talk about the things I don’t like without completely identifying where I work. Will I lose my job for talking shit about the company? I live in a small town it’s hard to find good jobs. I might hate the company I work for but I make good money. It’s hard to take that chance.

I have something to say about my father. It’s been eating at me for a really long time. I read a post at amysmusings that has really put that something I want to say in the forefront of my mind. I write the post on a daily basis but do I hit the publish button or not? Am I ready to deal with him if he or someone else finds that post? Am I ready for the shit storm that will happen and am I ready to cut those ties yet?

So, do I man up and say what’s on my mind to get it out or do I bottle it all up nice and neat and just swallow it all?
Where do you draw the line?

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  1. If you need to just put it out there, for yourself.. for healing.
    You can do a private post.
    I believe, you can also post and only allow certain people to see it, requiring them to use a password – but I don’t know how either of those options work.

    I do not post too much personal. Of course I am new at this – I don’t know if I will in time or not.

    No one I know personally knows about my blog. That way if I did write about them, their chances of seeing it aren’t so great. However, I haven’t yet written anything I’d not want them to see or that would cause major shit.

    I feel like I’m really no help on this topic – and truly I don’t think I can be since I haven’t dealt with that type of situation yet.

    Good luck with your decision!


  2. Ok, I do post personal things..
    but there is a lot of personal shit that hasn’t even begun to be posted.

    Just wanted to clarify. LOL!

  3. I saw you linked to my post and thought, OMG, what have I done now?

    You know, believe it or not, there are a lot of things I don’t post about on my blog that I would love to flip out and rant over.

    You hear about people being fired for talking about their jobs online, blah blah.

    I don’t know your particular situation in an intimate way so I don’t know what the consequences would be.

    Do you have a way you can blog about it without anyone knowing exactly WHO you are talking about? Make it generic enough to keep yourself out of trouble, but expressive enough to give you the release you need?

    OR… you could go start up a special blog somewhere else, that is private. Email a few people you trust to let them know and then let fly.

  4. Kate – My life has always been an open book. A lady once asked me if I had any secrets. I couldn’t think of any so I just told her I might have them but they won’t be secret if I ever remember what they are.

    AmyD – What I have to say about my job is going to bubble over soon and I will probably just say what I have to say about it and let those cards fall as they may. It’s not like my blog is so popular that corporate folks will find it anytime soon. (Yeah I know, famous last words.)

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