Not The Baby Post

That picture right there was SUPPOSED to be one of her at the doctor’s office for her first visit yesterday and this was SUPPOSED to be my baby update post. Instead it will be about our shithouse luck yesterday.
There are no doctor’s in our town that deliver babies. Our hospital doesn’t have a nursery and only delivers if there is an emergency. The closest doctor is 40 some odd miles away. That awesomely wonderful van that I am driving doesn’t have air conditioning. It was 99 degrees yesterday.
We made the trip to the doctor and when we walked in we were told the doctor had emergency surgery and they had to reschedule her. Thanks for that phone call!
While we were over there we decided to go by the dog pound. Her birthday is Thursday and she wants a puppy to replace the one she got for Christmas that didn’t like her and adopted our neighbors. We found a puppy she likes but it won’t be available until Thursday morning. When we got back home we went and looked at our local pound. She fell in love with a little blue eyed mix puppy. We made a pit stop on our way home. While we were in the store someone stole the puppy!
I give up on the whole dog idea. She gets money for her birthday and that’s final.
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  1. That is just plain rotten all around.

    I’m sorry you both had such an awful day!

  2. We’ll survive it. Everyone says I’m having one of those days…well I have decided that I am having one of those lives! LOL

  3. We are definitely having a bad week. I held Amelia while the vet put her down yesterday. She was so sick that she didn’t even looked scared. On the other hand, what a beautiful daughter you have!

  4. Lynn – I hope you are doing ok. I know it’s rough. ((((HUGS))))
    About the beautiful daughter, thanks! And I hope you don’t mind if I don’t tell her you said it. Her head barely fits in our house now. đŸ™‚

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