My Memory Monday – Hooters

This one is a repost but it was one of my first ever posts. I woke up thinking about it again and it made me giggle all over again so I thought I would share it again.

My daughter, Dj, is the only girl out of four children. It’s been a bit rough for her but she is tough and she can take it. Her daddy at times forgot that she was a little girl and would treat her like one of the boys. This didn’t bother her a whole lot until it came time for her to want to do the girly things like shaving her legs.
When she first asked about it her daddy told her straight out no. I later talked to him and told him that he had to realize at some point that he had a little girl and needed to treat her as such.
He goes outside and yells “Dj! You need to get in here! We have to have a talk!” She comes crouching in and you can watch her little mind ticking away wondering just what she had got caught doing this time.Her daddy sat her down at the table and the conversation went something like this:
Daddy: “Your Mama told me something about you and I don’t think I believe her so I need you to tell me and tell me the truth.” (At this point she is looking at me like you bitch!)
Daddy: “Your Mama tells me that your a…a…gulp…girl!”
Dj perks up then and says “Yup and I like boys too!”
Daddy (all hurt and dejected): “Well, if you really ARE a girl, then I GUESS it will be okay if you start shaving your legs.” *Sniff sniff*
Now, our littlest one, Dylan, came in to see the fireworks when he thought his sister was in trouble. He absorbs this whole conversation and really really feels his daddy’s pain over this news of Dj being a girl. When the conversation ends, he walks up to his daddy, puts his hand on his shoulder and softly tells his daddy “Don’t worry Dad, she’s not really a girl until she gets some hooters!”

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  1. That is hilarious!!!

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