My Little Shit!

Meet the youngest of our brood. His name is Dylan and he is the most loving and most playful of our bunch. It’s hard as hell to say no to him. For me anyway. He is always bringing flowers or giving hugs or doing little odd jobs around the house in an effort to make my life a bit easier.

He’s 13 and going through a pretty rough patch in his life besides the normal teenage angst that everyone goes through at his age. He lives with his dad and step mom and apparently they aren’t the easiest to get along with right now. They have started to implement some rules in their house since Dj got pregnant. They are rules that should have been in place a long time ago and since they are just now being set he feels he is being punished for Dj’s actions. To some extent he may be right but I can also see their side of it. He runs all over town and doesn’t check in a whole lot. Why that is a problem now after 3 years I don’t know.
His dad and step mom are at times very selfish people. If the kids want to do something that comes in second to their plans. If it puts them out even just a little bit the kids are told no. A week or two ago Dylan called me upset wanting me to come get him so he could move back in with me. Later his dad and him talked and he decided to stay put.
Then this weekend happened. Dylan has been going to church camp every summer since he turned 6. He is close with the people that run the camp and they had planned that he could come up and spend a weekend with them and ride horses and just generally jackass around at the camp. Dylan got everything set up for this weekend. I would meet the man so he could get Dylan then on Sunday he would take Dylan home. Dylan called to confirm the plans Thursday night. There was a change. They were going to have to take him home on Saturday instead of Sunday.
He called his step mom to let her know he was coming home one day early. Apparently that through a big wrench in the plans of those two. He was told if that is the case then you can’t go this weekend. He was told to set it up for some other time. The problem with that is these people have a life, they have jobs and aren’t always there. This was the best weekend for them. Dylan is in tears and starts to make the call that he can’t come. I told him not to make the call I would just come and pick him up myself. I told him that I would just take him home when I took Dj over for her doctor’s appointment. He said “That’s ok, I don’t want to go home.”
Dylan is a completely different kid when he is with us. They complain that he doesn’t help out, that he doesn’t listen and throws fits. He very well might I don’t know because I don’t live there. When he is with us he is always helping Jeff do something. Until he got home Jeff was having to work on the truck by himself. Dylan went right to work helping him and has been by his side the whole time. Even asked Jeff before he went to bed what time they were getting started in the morning.
I am currently in a bit of a quandary with this kid. I want him living with me. I live in the country where he has free roam and he can just be a kid. He talked to me about it again yesterday and the only thing holding him back from living with me is the school I want him to go to. It doesn’t offer football and he loves playing. This school that I want him to go to isn’t our school district. The school district we are in does offer football. I don’t care for this school at all. Do I give in and let him go to the school I don’t like or leave him at his dad’s and pick up the pieces as they drop? Well, now that I have typed that out I know that he will go to the school I don’t like. I typed too much to delete this post so I will leave it as it stands so everyone can weigh in on it anyway.
In the interest of fairness I feel I need to show you that he isn’t always as cute as I have presented him to be. I give you The Real Dylan:

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  1. Since I love teaching middle school kids who are around that age, I’ve got to tell you this: If they go to the school that they want to go to, they are very happy. If they are made to go to a different school, they are miserable. Even if they aren’t really that miserable, they like to make their parents think that they are….even the good kids. I vote let him choose!

  2. That’s what I think I’m going to do. My biggest hope is he will hate it and decide to go to the school I like. LOL

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