My Memory Monday – Up To No Good

Every one has one of those uncles. You know the one that is always trying to get your nose, he can’t be content to just let you sit there and behave yourself. He is always having to pick at you and get you riled up until YOU get in trouble. Mine happened to be great Uncle Gene, he married my great Aunt Agnes.
There was never any real love lost between me and Aunt Agnes. We didn’t hate each other but we didn’t get along real well either. I was the bad kid. I was always “up to something”. That’s probably true but I was usually just trying to amuse myself and never really hurt anyone while doing it.
One day when I was about 12 we were at our Great Grandmother’s with my Grandmother and Aunt Agnes. Since Aunt Agnes just lived a block or two away Frank and I decided we would walk home with her and hang out there for a little while. When we got there Uncle Gene went to the cellar to do some work and Aunt Agnes went outside to hang up clothes and read a book.
It didn’t take very long for me to get bored so I got up to walk outside and see what Aunt Agnes was up to. Half way through the house I passed the cellar door. Inspiration struck. I backed up and locked the cellar door. (It was dumb to put a lock where I could reach it.) I walked outside told Aunt Agnes I was leaving.
I walked back to my grandmother’s house and started entertaining myself there by driving everyone crazy. About two hours later Aunt Agnes and Uncle Gene come flying up the driveway. Aunt Agnes ran into the house and started telling Gram what I had done. Uncle Gene had been stuck in the cellar for two hours banging on the door to get out. I just looked at her and said “You sure don’t pay much attention to your husband.” Uncle Gene later told me that he thought it was pretty damn funny and would have done the same thing if given the chance.
Fast forward a few years. I was 18 and mom and I went for a visit. She would come over and see us because she was STILL MAD AT ME! I’m 36 now and got word that she has some health issues. I feel like I should call her but I wonder if she will just hang up on me.
*I still contend that locking him in the cellar was some seriously funny shit!

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  1. If an adult is still mad at something that you did as a child, she doesn’t deserve your concern. She sounds like someone who likes to wallow in her own pity-party. I say, let her.

  2. I’m not really concerned about her but I would do it for my grandma. I love that crazy little woman. I’ll have to tell the story of her telling my husband about dildos and nipple clamps. That was some funny shit!

  3. I think it’s hilarious you locked him in the cellar.

    Sorry to hear your Aunt Agnes has health issues. I wish I could help you decide if you should call or not, but I can’t even make up my own mind most days.

  4. Honestly, I probably won’t call her and then tell Gram I tried to call and didn’t get an answer. 🙂

  5. Hey, funny is funny, right? Someone who can’t take a joke, even years later….hmmmm?????

  6. I couldn’t agree more! Cause even now… that shit is funny!

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