These are just some random things that have happened in the past few days/weeks that amuse me but not enough for a whole post.

  • They remodeled our Sonic. I was tickled to no end that the drive in fast food joint has handicapped parking. I couldn’t figure it out until Dj pointed out the picnic tables.
  • The kids and I give Jeff a lot of hell. The kids have a quick tongue and love to get him. We were sitting around talking the other day and Dj chimed up “Jeff can’t take a joke.” With out skipping a beat Jeff said “Your living proof that I can take a joke!” That shut her up for a minute.
  • Either I am one sick fuck or the people that do searches and land here are. I figure it’s a little of both. Here are just a few from the past month or so: how to make a creepy letter, he molested my nipples, spanking memory, pounce,pin down, and tickles, gary spankings. (If I listed one that got you to my blog and you are still reading my blog… I meant you are a sick fuck in the nicest way possible.)
  • For weeks Dj had plans to go with friends to a Blake Shelton concert that was being put on by the casino for July 4th. After Dylan realized where Dj was he decided he wanted to go too. I wasn’t about to drive to the casino and get in all that mess to drop him off. He got mad about it and said “I guess I need to get some one knocked up so I can go to concerts too.”
  • Last night I woke up to Bob (my dog) digging in the trash. This isn’t something he normally does so it threw me off a bit. I came up behind him and he never knew I was there. I picked up something that was sitting on a table near him and was going to hit the table to scare the piss out of him. Instead of hitting the table with the object I hit it with the side of my hand. Now the tip of my pinky on my right hand is swollen and nasty black and blue. So much for late night coordination.
  • There is a mouse in our office. It’s kind of small and curious. It keeps coming out and running around all over the floor. My boss keeps running around trying to stomp it. I kinda hope he don’t catch it. It’s hilarious as hell watching a short, gray haired main chase a mouse around the office.
  • It was for the most part a rough weekend around my house. I had a touch of the “I just don’t give a shits”. I was really short with Jeff and a couple times even with the kids. Everytime I noticed it happening I would try and think of something to put me in a better mood and make me laugh. This post kept my family alive all weekend.
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  1. My posts are also known to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

  2. I love your sense of humor!

  3. avitable – I was wondering about that tingle I feel everytime I read your blog. Now I know, I’m getting healthier!

    Kate – Thanks!

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