Drowning In The Sea Of Stress

No memories today. I have to much going on in the now to remember anything from the past.
The decision has been made. She is having the baby and keeping it. I never really thought there would be an alternative, Dj has always been about the babies. She is due March 3rd, which means at age 37 I will become a grandma. I’m actually starting to warm up to the idea.
There are a few things that I am not warming up to so easily. I don’t care much for the father of this baby. Him and an ex girlfriend just had a baby last month. He doesn’t have a job and doesn’t appear to be interested in getting one anytime soon. And he seems to have so freakish hold over my daughter. She simply can not see him for the bum that he is. She has been told repeatedly about the other girls he messes around with but he talks his sweet little talk and she believes every word he says. She doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that just because she is having his baby it will change my mind about letting her date him. I didn’t want it happening before and I damn sure don’t want it happening now. (Did I mention the little fucker is 22?)
Jeff brought up a fear of his the other night and it has now became my fear. What if she runs away to be with him? I’m hoping that her and I talking yesterday nipped that in the bud quick. I simply informed her that she has one year left of school, one year left until she is 18. If she wants to be dumb on her time she is free to do so and marry him. However, if she wants to be dumb on my time and runs away with him I will file statutory rape charges against him as well as kidnapping.
I did some investigating and found that while 16 is the age of consent there is only a 3 year window with whom she can consent. He is well over those 3 years and can end up with a minimum of five years in prison.
I also informed her that Oklahoma is the only state left in which you can actually get the death penalty for statutory rape.
When do you think my mother of the year award will arrive?

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  1. Your mother of the year award should’ve already been due you!

    I applaud your efforts to be a good mother to your daughter.
    I think you are doing an awesome job!

    I found your blog through Britts blog. I don’t have a blog, but I’m not a stalker.

    Anyways. Good luck with getting through to her – sadly some people just have to learn on their own, the hard way. I hope that won’t be the case for her.

  2. Thank you and stalker or not you are more then welcome here.

  3. You are so already the mother of the year! A real eye-opener for your daughter (if she will do it) is to make a budget for after the baby is born. The cost of diapers alone is just crazy. I know that there are a lot of govt. programs to help out, but they sure don’t pay for everything. Think she’ll ask her sweetie-pie where the cash is coming from?

  4. bt dt – I took her to Wal Mart the other day and we walked around pricing things. Her eyes just kept getting big but she says she will just start saving up now. The sweetie-pie thing is a real joke. He says he has a job and will take care of everything. I guess he does have a job if he gets paid to lay up on the couch and party all night.

  5. Good for you for standing up and telling your daughter what you needed to to make sure she does what is right.
    Kids are not able to always make the right choices and sometimes we have to be tough. Plus, there are words for guys like this one… PEDOPHILE.

  6. She don’t see things that way. My biggest fear is he will talk her into doing something that she will regret. I’m stressing hard over that.

  7. When I got pregnant, my mom and dad wouldn’t let me date my boyfriend anymore either (they weren’t going to condone continuing bad behavior) but we could still be friends, meaning, he could come over and sit on the couch with me while my dad glared at him and he could call the house, hoping to catch me and not one of my brothers who would hang up on him.

    It got old after, oh, three days after I broke the news to my folks. Six years later, he’s still a deadbeat.

  8. Sheila – I am trying to convince her dad now that we should let them see each other. He can come to my house for a few hours and maybe let them go out to eat or something. I think that is the quickest way for him to show his true colors. Now with it being all secretive and them just stealing time together it’s all fun.

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