Black Eyes And Doctors

I know I have mentioned it several hundred times that I live in a small town. Which means eventually you will cross paths with people you either don’t like or you are currently pissed at. The other day Dj was sick. She was running fever, coughing, runny nose and her eyes continually watered.
I called her doctor to see if he could get her in because her OB was out of the office. He refused to see her. He said that after she has the baby then she can come back to him. I flat out told him that after we find a good doctor and use him for 7 months why in the hell would we go back to him.
He just came in my store and had the balls to ask me what I would give him for free.
It was so hard to stay professional and not tell him the only thing free he would get is a black fucking eye!

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Just A Few Things

This is the sky I woke up to this morning. It just felt nice and cool so I had to take a picture. It has been 103 to 110 this past week around here so it will be a nice break if we get the rain they called for today.

Dj has been sick the past few days. She is learning one of the harsh realities of being pregnant. There is absolutely nothing you can take to make you feel better. You just have to deal with it until it goes away.

Our truck is finally fixed. I am going to get tickets in it now because it runs better and faster then it ever did. Now if we can just get the AC to work right in it I will be a happy camper.

I am continually amazed at my son. We got him just a cheap dollar a month cell phone with the promise of something better when he shows he can be responsible with it. He has been after me forever to add internet to his phone. It’s only $5 to add it but I told him I couldn’t do it until Friday. Not because I didn’t have the money but I just didn’t feel like messing with it. He wanted to pay for the addition on his own. He came to work with me yesterday and walked across the street to a nursery and asked if they needed any trash taken out or anything he could do to earn $5. They put him to work and I had to mess with getting the internet put on his phone. They told him they will let him come do some odds and ends from time to time so he can pay for his internet bill.

I think I am going to have to give up some of my caffeine. I have never had any trouble sleeping. I could drink a pot of coffee and go straight to bed. For the past month or so I haven’t been able to sleep real good. I am going to try to cut back on it some. I still have to have it during the day but won’t drink anything with caffeine after 6. Wish my family luck!

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Two New Additions

Meet Precious. She gets to live with us because she made it all the from the pound to the house so she gets to stay. We aren’t sure exactly what she is but several people think part Jack Russell Terrier. She is so smart. We think she has been hit a few times because she cowers down a lot but she really stays very close to Dj.

Not quite as cute but he officially moved back in with me this weekend!

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Drawing The Line

It’s a normal thing for a blogger to say “I blog for me. I do it to get things out of my head.” I started my blog for pretty much the same reason. I started it at a time in my life that I needed to work a lot of things out. I had to get right with me. I can look back now and read some of my posts and I see the transition I made. Maybe no one else can but I can.

I started out blogging at Yahoo 360. It was nice but then people found me. People that I knew. I started to censor myself to an extent. I didn’t tell quite so much about things that were going on in my life or I would word my posts different to soften the blow for my friends and family. I finally moved my blog here so I could feel more open to discuss the things that are on my mind. Mostly I do but still I find myself holding back some.

For me it’s a matter of where do I draw the line. Everyone that enters my house on a regular basis knows there is a possibility that they will end up on my blog. I don’t hide that. But, what about the people that are in my life that don’t enter my house? Do I write what I have to say about them and hope there is no fall out from it?

My landlord is a very private person. I have things to say about things going on right now. Do I say them and hope that he don’t see it or that the people I want to talk about don’t see it? Because there will be a massive fall out if it is seen.
There are things about my job that I am not liking at all going on right now. I would quit my job but I like the actual people I work for just not the company itself. There is no way to talk about the things I don’t like without completely identifying where I work. Will I lose my job for talking shit about the company? I live in a small town it’s hard to find good jobs. I might hate the company I work for but I make good money. It’s hard to take that chance.

I have something to say about my father. It’s been eating at me for a really long time. I read a post at amysmusings that has really put that something I want to say in the forefront of my mind. I write the post on a daily basis but do I hit the publish button or not? Am I ready to deal with him if he or someone else finds that post? Am I ready for the shit storm that will happen and am I ready to cut those ties yet?

So, do I man up and say what’s on my mind to get it out or do I bottle it all up nice and neat and just swallow it all?
Where do you draw the line?

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I have been crocheting for a lot of years. I love to do it but I hate to finish things. There are two reasons for this:
  1. I know I will get rid of things when they are done and I suffer from seperation anxiety no matter how much it makes me happy to give things to other people.
  2. I hate to sew in the ends. I hate, hate, HATE it. It’s a chore and it’s boring.
In the past year and a half I have almost finished five different projects. I started a blanket last week for Jeff. He said he isn’t getting his hopes up because I never finish anything. Well that kind of pissed me off and inspired me at the same time. I sat down yesterday and finished two projects.

I made this one for my old boss. It was a birthday/going away/thank you present.

This one was supposed to be the first one I actually kept for myself. I was going to make it big enough to fit my queen size bed. I decided that I liked it enough I didn’t want to keep it for myself so it has became the first blanket for my first grandchild.

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Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Today my first born turns 17. I’m going to go crawl into a hole and sulk for a bit.

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Not The Baby Post

That picture right there was SUPPOSED to be one of her at the doctor’s office for her first visit yesterday and this was SUPPOSED to be my baby update post. Instead it will be about our shithouse luck yesterday.
There are no doctor’s in our town that deliver babies. Our hospital doesn’t have a nursery and only delivers if there is an emergency. The closest doctor is 40 some odd miles away. That awesomely wonderful van that I am driving doesn’t have air conditioning. It was 99 degrees yesterday.
We made the trip to the doctor and when we walked in we were told the doctor had emergency surgery and they had to reschedule her. Thanks for that phone call!
While we were over there we decided to go by the dog pound. Her birthday is Thursday and she wants a puppy to replace the one she got for Christmas that didn’t like her and adopted our neighbors. We found a puppy she likes but it won’t be available until Thursday morning. When we got back home we went and looked at our local pound. She fell in love with a little blue eyed mix puppy. We made a pit stop on our way home. While we were in the store someone stole the puppy!
I give up on the whole dog idea. She gets money for her birthday and that’s final.
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My Memory Monday – Hooters

This one is a repost but it was one of my first ever posts. I woke up thinking about it again and it made me giggle all over again so I thought I would share it again.

My daughter, Dj, is the only girl out of four children. It’s been a bit rough for her but she is tough and she can take it. Her daddy at times forgot that she was a little girl and would treat her like one of the boys. This didn’t bother her a whole lot until it came time for her to want to do the girly things like shaving her legs.
When she first asked about it her daddy told her straight out no. I later talked to him and told him that he had to realize at some point that he had a little girl and needed to treat her as such.
He goes outside and yells “Dj! You need to get in here! We have to have a talk!” She comes crouching in and you can watch her little mind ticking away wondering just what she had got caught doing this time.Her daddy sat her down at the table and the conversation went something like this:
Daddy: “Your Mama told me something about you and I don’t think I believe her so I need you to tell me and tell me the truth.” (At this point she is looking at me like you bitch!)
Daddy: “Your Mama tells me that your a…a…gulp…girl!”
Dj perks up then and says “Yup and I like boys too!”
Daddy (all hurt and dejected): “Well, if you really ARE a girl, then I GUESS it will be okay if you start shaving your legs.” *Sniff sniff*
Now, our littlest one, Dylan, came in to see the fireworks when he thought his sister was in trouble. He absorbs this whole conversation and really really feels his daddy’s pain over this news of Dj being a girl. When the conversation ends, he walks up to his daddy, puts his hand on his shoulder and softly tells his daddy “Don’t worry Dad, she’s not really a girl until she gets some hooters!”

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My Little Shit!

Meet the youngest of our brood. His name is Dylan and he is the most loving and most playful of our bunch. It’s hard as hell to say no to him. For me anyway. He is always bringing flowers or giving hugs or doing little odd jobs around the house in an effort to make my life a bit easier.

He’s 13 and going through a pretty rough patch in his life besides the normal teenage angst that everyone goes through at his age. He lives with his dad and step mom and apparently they aren’t the easiest to get along with right now. They have started to implement some rules in their house since Dj got pregnant. They are rules that should have been in place a long time ago and since they are just now being set he feels he is being punished for Dj’s actions. To some extent he may be right but I can also see their side of it. He runs all over town and doesn’t check in a whole lot. Why that is a problem now after 3 years I don’t know.
His dad and step mom are at times very selfish people. If the kids want to do something that comes in second to their plans. If it puts them out even just a little bit the kids are told no. A week or two ago Dylan called me upset wanting me to come get him so he could move back in with me. Later his dad and him talked and he decided to stay put.
Then this weekend happened. Dylan has been going to church camp every summer since he turned 6. He is close with the people that run the camp and they had planned that he could come up and spend a weekend with them and ride horses and just generally jackass around at the camp. Dylan got everything set up for this weekend. I would meet the man so he could get Dylan then on Sunday he would take Dylan home. Dylan called to confirm the plans Thursday night. There was a change. They were going to have to take him home on Saturday instead of Sunday.
He called his step mom to let her know he was coming home one day early. Apparently that through a big wrench in the plans of those two. He was told if that is the case then you can’t go this weekend. He was told to set it up for some other time. The problem with that is these people have a life, they have jobs and aren’t always there. This was the best weekend for them. Dylan is in tears and starts to make the call that he can’t come. I told him not to make the call I would just come and pick him up myself. I told him that I would just take him home when I took Dj over for her doctor’s appointment. He said “That’s ok, I don’t want to go home.”
Dylan is a completely different kid when he is with us. They complain that he doesn’t help out, that he doesn’t listen and throws fits. He very well might I don’t know because I don’t live there. When he is with us he is always helping Jeff do something. Until he got home Jeff was having to work on the truck by himself. Dylan went right to work helping him and has been by his side the whole time. Even asked Jeff before he went to bed what time they were getting started in the morning.
I am currently in a bit of a quandary with this kid. I want him living with me. I live in the country where he has free roam and he can just be a kid. He talked to me about it again yesterday and the only thing holding him back from living with me is the school I want him to go to. It doesn’t offer football and he loves playing. This school that I want him to go to isn’t our school district. The school district we are in does offer football. I don’t care for this school at all. Do I give in and let him go to the school I don’t like or leave him at his dad’s and pick up the pieces as they drop? Well, now that I have typed that out I know that he will go to the school I don’t like. I typed too much to delete this post so I will leave it as it stands so everyone can weigh in on it anyway.
In the interest of fairness I feel I need to show you that he isn’t always as cute as I have presented him to be. I give you The Real Dylan:

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Why I Live 1,318 Miles From Family

I got the call from my aunt yesterday that my great-aunt passed away. There was never any love lost between the two of us so it didn’t really rock my world. However, it kills me to know my 80 year old grandmother is that far away and grieving the lose of her sister.

My grandparents divorced a year or so before I was born. My grandma never remarried and never learned to drive. She supported herself financially but was dependant on the rest of her family for rides to work and appointments. Her immediate family consisted of her mother, sister, three daughters, and three grandchildren. Now she has two daughters, three grandchildren and several great grandchildren. Know how many of us called to check on her yesterday? TWO! Me and my aunt. My aunt lives almost as far away from her as I do.

My brother is out of town right now so he can’t go see her but he could call her. He hasn’t and he probably won’t. He is mad at her for some reason.

My other aunt is straight out bitch! My grandma is the only person in our family who will even talk to her. When my great grandfather (who practically raised 5 out of 6 of his grandchildren) passed away, she said she wouldn’t attend his funeral because she had some shopping planned for that day. She followed that up by saying “It doesn’t bother me because he was old. If it had been one of my dogs I would be devastated.” She had something equally snarky to say when my mom died. But, nobody will tell me exactly what she said.

Anyway, my point being, my grandmother was very dependant on her sister. All of my life they have talked on the phone every day at 9:00 am and several times through out the day. They got together 2 or 3 times a week to do things. None of the family that actually live near here are even remotely trying to be there for her.

I would love to beat some damn sense into my family. I don’t want to spend the rest of my life in jail so that is why I live 1,318 miles from my family.

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