Last Night Sucked Ass

This is Belle. She was our other dog. I say was because she died last night. She didn’t just die. Some one killed her while we were at work. She was tied up by our front door. I asked the neighbor if they saw anyone go to our house and she said no.
She said she left around lunch and Belle was sitting on the porch looking around but she didn’t notice her when she got back.
Some miserable fuck hit her in the head with a piece of wood and left it laying beside her.
The only thing we can think of is someone was trying to get into the house and she nailed them. All I can say for them is karma is a bitch and they better hope like hell the cops get them before Jeff does.
This was going to be a happy post introducing the rest of Bob’s family. Maybe tomorrow.
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  1. OMG! Just when I was retrieving my confidence in humanity. How could anybody hurt that beautiful dog, much less kill her? Look at the beautiful markings on her face. I’m feeling so sad for your family. Please, God, let them find the lowlife and prosecute them to the full extent of the law.

  2. I can’t figure it out. How does someone do that? If she was loose and attacking in someone else’s yard maybe but she was tied up and minding her own damn business!

  3. OMG! So tragic… poor baby. She was just doing her job…maybe someday she will come back as a big ol’ rottweiller and bite the person hard!
    So sorry for your loss.

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