This is Bob. He has been with Jeff for years. As soon as Jeff moved in with me, he became my dog. He loves to ride in the truck and pretty much goes everywhere with me.
Bob has the best temperament of any dog I have ever been around. He’s lazy like me and rarely barks, yet he is very protective of me.
The other day Jeff and I were wrestling around and I had a fly swatter in my hand. When I went to hit Jeff with it he blocked my hand and I ended up swinging it towards Bob. That dog jumped and yelped and started cowering down and wanted nothing to do with me for a few minutes.
It has me thinking. Who in the hell has hit my dog? I can’t imagine him giving anyone a reason to be abusive to him. He’s very gentle and doesn’t do confrontation.
All I can say is whoever hit him better hope I don’t find out about it or they will get a taste of their own medicine.

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  1. That is one seriously cute dog.

  2. We have a very quiet, loveable, beautiful miniature Schnauzer. She was so perfect that we decided to let her have puppies. She had 8 of them. We kept one. He, along with all of his brothers and sisters, turned out to be loud, barking, dogs that act like they have been beaten their whole lives. Everybody that meets Jack or his siblings think that they have been abused. I guess that some dogs just react differently to having their feelings hurt!
    That dog of yours looks adorable. Maybe you just hurt his sweet little feelings. Just give him extra lovin’s!

  3. AmyD – Thanks! He stole my heart immediately.

    Bt dt – He got extras that’s for sure. I felt awful. Tomorrow I will try and post some pictures of some of his kids.

  4. Lookit the Puppy!!! He’s sooo cute!
    I just love dogs. I have two big dogs, one sweet and gentle, the other a big dumb doofus.
    But I love them both like my kids.
    I wish mine loved to ride in the vehicle… they just end up spazzing out, and vomiting. It is so gross. So, we made a trip to the vet yesterday to get tranquilizers for the trip to Texas. Should be fun. Yay.

  5. Lonestar Gal – Anytime I go near my truck he runs to the back of it. He loves to go! Hell the other day I dropped the tailgate and him and the neighbor’s dog BOTH loaded up!

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