About a year ago we were out working some cattle. The guys were trying to rope one and it was good at getting away. Then out of the blue one of them dropped. Dropped, as in it was dead. I was riding in the gator behind the guys. I looked down to do something and when I looked up this is what I saw. That is my husband giving mouth to mouth to a cow! And that cow isn’t me!
I guess I should say his mouth isn’t actully to the cow’s mouth, but it’s damn close enough!

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  1. “Working some cattle” and “Giving CPR to a cow”…You people are amazing. I must be a lazy bitch. Of course I mean bitch in a good way! Seriously you should send that pic to some contest. It is wonderful!

  2. Oh! I’m sorry if by we I implied that I did anything other then ride along behind them. I am the queen of lazy. But I’m secure in my laziness. 🙂

  3. Ok..I have been around enough cows in my life to know that they lick their own snot. So, all I can say about Cow CPR… is…. OMG EWWW!

  4. the question is, did he survive? (okay, did they both survive?)

  5. Lonestar Gal – Yeah I said something like that. But it sounded more like: You ain’t putting THAT mouth any where near mine until it’s been bleached!

    stepping over the junk – Sadly no it didn’t. The guys tried for awhile but it died.

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