I was in bed Friday night just almost asleep when my phone rang. I was in that barely awake state and didn’t pay attention to what was on the caller ID. I just knew it was late and my phone was ringing, so something must be wrong. I answered it and there was a frantic woman on the other end.
She said “I know you don’t know me but I am calling all the numbers on my grandson’s phone. He is missing and I was wondering if you know where he is?” I just said “Ma’am who is your grandson?” She told me his name is Roland and my phone number was on his phone and she thought maybe one of my children knew him.
I finally became aware enough of what was going on and thought to ask her where she lives. (Dylan lives with his dad about 40 miles from where I live with Dj.) When she answered me I told her that Dylan must have called him using my phone instead of his own. She said “Dylan! Yes Dylan! He is a friend of Roland’s. Has Roland been to your house?” I told her Dylan was with his dad right now and I hadn’t seen him in a few days but I would call and have them get in touch with her.
I called Dylan’s phone and got no answer so I called his step mom’s phone and talked to her and told her what was going on. She got the lady’s phone number from me and hung up. I went back to bed and my imagination started running wild because Dylan didn’t answer his phone. I was worried that he might be missing too. After I awhile I finally calmed myself down by convincing myself that if he wasn’t ok they would have told me. I know they would have, we communicate great where the kids are involved.
At about midnight the lady called me again. She asked if she had already called me and I said yes and asked her if Dylan’s step mom had called her. She told me no his dad called and Roland had been at their house until 9:30 when he left. I told her I would keep them in my prayers and we got off the phone.
The next morning I called the ex to see what was going on and his wife answered. She told me that Roland had been there and wanted to spend the night. The boys told them his grandmother had got mad and kicked him out. When Dylan’s dad said get in the truck and lets go talk to her he said no he didn’t want to see her. The ex told him that if he wouldn’t go with him to talk to her then he couldn’t spend the night there so Roland left. The real story was Roland had got in trouble and his grandmother grounded him. He went to his room for awhile then sneaked out.
I have tried to call the number back a couple times to see if the boy had been found and can’t get an answer. I have asked Dylan a few times and even his dad. No one knows. I asked Dylan if he was going to try and find out and he just said no he is a big boy. I can’t understand why no one is trying to find out. I don’t know the boy and he very well might do this a lot, but still, he’s a kid. Some one should be trying to find out something.

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  1. And people wonder why this is considered the “lost” generation. I cannot imagine not giving a shit when a kid is missing. Seriously pisses me off! I probably would have gone to jail for bitch-slapping someone into a wake-up call about this kid needing help!

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