More Bullets

  • Another perk to small town living: Getting free drinks at the store you go to every day just because you go there every day.
  • A friend of mine was carrying something a little heavy while her husband stood and watched her. She became my hero when she handed it to him and said “Hold this for a minute.” Then she started out the door and said “Now follow me.” He did it.
  • Have I ever mentioned that my husband turns really red when there is anything remotely close to sex talk happening around him? Well, he does. The other day we went to grab a couple things at the store. I got some cantaloupe and he got some jalapeno smoked sausages. While standing in line to pay out I asked him if he wanted to touch my melons. He turned red and said no. I couldn’t stop myself I had to ask “So I guess you just want to stand there and hold your weenie!”
  • Right now I *heart* the IRS. Well part of them anyway. I had a problem come up with some papers I filed and when I called about it they said after 10 weeks of the papers sitting they they haven’t been touched. They referred me to an advocate. They called me this morning and said it’s being handled now and I should have a resolution in a few days.
  • A friend is going through a trying time with her mother. She is a bit of a hypochondriac. She is the type that wants something to be wrong with her really bad so she can soak up the pity and attention that comes with the illness. She don’t understand that she would get way more attention if she would just be the great woman she can be. That being said she tickled the shit out of us the other day. She broke her toe. (She really did.) Instead of asking her daughter to drive her to the doc, she asked her daughter if she thought she should call an ambulance.
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  1. sounds like u have a smart friend and a stressed out friend lol

  2. How cool! I have two friends!

  3. An ambulance for a broken toe? Now that’s some funny stuff. I hope that she’s not like my mother was when she was alive. She freaked out over small cuts, but “poo-pooed” chest pains. She was a piece of work!

  4. No worries there. Chest pains = a lot of attention.
    My friend and I kid a lot about her mom’s ailments but, she does have some health issues. And that makes the way she acts scarey because no one really knows when she is really sick.

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