Gossip Whores Suck

Last week Amy over at Amy’s Musings posted about natural disasters verses man – made disasters. The comments turned towards how people are treated when they get into financial distress and lose their homes due to foreclosure. Due to my current job situation I have seen more then my fair share of such nasty treatment.
The owners of the store I work in got into a financial bind caused by a couple different things, ailing parents, and a sibling that is a leech. They are good people who generally help anyone in need. They have flaws, but everyone does.
They sold the store and decided to move out of town. Since the new owners have taken over the gossip mongers come into the store on a regular basis.
Yesterday I was sitting at work and a lady came in. I have no clue what her name is but she used to be a regular customer. She came in under the pretense of finding out if we were closing down or not. After I told her the store was sold she kept sitting here. It wasn’t long until her hateful side came out. As politely as she could she started trash talking the previous owners not knowing that I am actually friends with them and have been for quite some time.
It took everything in me to hold my tongue considering the new owners might want to keep her business. I’m sick and tired of it already. People don’t want to accept that there was no way to avoid the problems they have that prompted them to sell the store. The owners have parents in bad health, and that is a financial drain no matter how hard you work to pay of the bills.
I guess what I’m really trying to say is I wish people would be a little more considerate. Offer a hug or even just a hello sometimes instead of insults. Get the whole story instead of making up your own version of it before you go spread the news.

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  1. One thing that I HATED about working in business is having to smile while customers were talking trash about somebody that I liked. I’d rather say, “Before you go any further, you need to know that so-and-so is my friend.” Some jerks just keep talking!

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